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How To Take A Break From The Internet?

Take A Break From The Internet

We are all surrounded by different gadgets and smart technologies. Across the globe, the lockdown phase sees a massive upsurge in the usage of the mobile Internet. Don’t you think that our virtual lives are becoming more active than our real lives?

Do you want to take a break from technology? Well, a total digital detox is next to impossible, because the Internet is always there with us on our devices. But you can certainly limit your online activities.

For kids, confined online activities are very beneficial. Let’s escape from the Internet for a while, and live a life without any pressure to tweet, surf, or like someone’s profile!

Why Should We Take A Break From The Internet?

Certainly, the Internet brings the world at our fingertips. But anything in excess, is dangerous. We all enjoy surfing on different sites and playing different games for hours.

Moreover, Internet addiction has adverse effects on our physical and emotional health. Especially, kids with device addiction may suffer many health issues.

Apart from that, excessive screen usage may invite many digital dangers. Cyber scams are increasing day by day, and kids are an easy target of predators. Restricted usage of the Internet limits the risk of any scam and protects your child.

Additionally, to ensure kids’ online safety, parents can use one of the best parenting apps of 2020Bit Guardian Parental Control. It is a child monitoring app that helps to limit, protect, and monitor your kids’ online life. It offers effective screen control features that help your child to have limited access to addictive apps and games.

Also, this Android app blocker blocks all the in-appropriate apps and allows only child-friendly apps on kids’ devices. If you are planning to limit your kids’ Internet activities, this app will digitally support your mission.

What Are The Effective Ways To Enjoy Digital Detox?

First of all, be clear and firm that you are going to take a break from the Internet. Empower your mind to reset, and rediscover the importance of being calm.

  • Exercise Social Media Break– Decide how long you will take a break from social media. For kids, you can plan 24 hours off or weekends off. Encourage them to read something or plan some fun and productive things during these hours.
  • Delete The Account Or Change The Privacy Settings Limit your online posts. Evaluate your social media profiles and delete unnecessary photos, friends, and posts. You can also try new privacy settings to limit your social circle. You can also delete the social media account altogether.
  • Set Family Rules– Do not allow any family member to use the device during meals. Set device-free zones wherein any gadgets are not allowed.
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