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How To Use The App Time Limit Feature?

App Time Limit

App Time Limit restricts kids’ app time to a couple of hours by creating app groups. These app groups can be created based on a similar category of apps. The child will only be able to use apps for a fixed number of hours/minutes on scheduled days.

A step-to-step guide for using the App Time Limit is here.

Step 1: Go to the Parent dashboard.

Parent dashboard

Step 2: Tap on the kid for whom you would like to use the App time limit feature. 

Step 3:Tap on the App Time Limit.

Click on App Time Limit

Step 4: Enable this feature to turn on the toggle button. Tap the plus icon. select a single app or create as many groups of apps as you would like to.

Enable turn on button


  • Parents can create as many App groups as they want to.
  • A single app can not overlap in more than one group. A single app can be a part of one group only as one app cannot have more than one rule defined.
  • A parent can anytime edit or delete the app group.

Step 5:Turn on the toggle button. Set a time to specify the number of hours or minutes when access to the apps is granted to the kid. (You can not set more than 24 hours to use any app)Choose Repeat days.

Set app time schedule

(Schedule access to different apps for a specific number of hours/minutes during the day. So a child can use it even in breaks.)

set specific number of hours

Step 6: Tap Apply.

App Schedule

App Time Limit has been set successfully!

App Time Limit Set

Note: Apply settings at least for a day.

A kid can request for a time extension for a group of apps. Currently, a child can only request for – 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes time extension.

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