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How To Ensure Safe Navigation For Your Kids?

Safe Navigation For Your Kids

Modern parenting often suggests being friends with children and implementing lenient disciplinary measures. But seeing the current digital scenario and increased screen time, parents need to act strictly to ensure kids’ safe digital navigation.

Likewise, increasing crimes in real life such as bullying, child molestation, stalking, etc are alarming for parents. Keeping the kids safe even in real life is becoming challenging. Parents should use the best geofencing apps to help kids navigate safely.

Let’s explore a few ways by which we can ensure the kids’ safe navigation both in virtual and real-life.

Ways To Keep The Kids Safe In Real Life

Be Aware Of His Activities

Generally, we as parents, know kids’ schedules. We are aware of his school timings, play timings, and his everyday routine. So naturally, we know his whereabouts at a particular point in time.

But to ensure their safety we need to go the extra mile and get his friends’ contact numbers. In case he doesn’t return home on time and does not even pick the phone while you call him you should ring his friends.

Also, you need to be aware of his frequent travel routes. If he drives a bicycle or any vehicle you should know his speed limits. Just to keep things safe, you and kids both should know the repair stations that are nearby his travel routes.

Effective Communication Is The Key

Keeping the communication open and transparent with kids helps parents know about their mental state. Many times kids may face some issues but hesitate or fear to share. It is crucial to know everything about their routine to protect them in case of emergency.

Improve your communication with kids and keep track of his dilemmas and issues. Also keep an eye on his behavior if he feels reluctant to share his daily activities at school.

Inculcate Safe Navigation Habits In The Child

The best parenting tip to ensure a kid’s safe navigation is to educate him on a few disciplinary measures that can keep him safe while he travels outside.

Educate kids on the habit to share the location of the right place and purpose of visiting it before leaving the house. Kids should know that if any stranger meets him on the road and behaves friendly, they should avoid sharing any personal details with him.

Neither they should eat something offered by such an outsider nor they should drink anything (not even water). Apart from that following general traffic rules, avoiding road rages, etc. are good habits to keep things safe while they commute.

Tracking A Kid’s Real-Time Location

Kids are smart. At times just to roam carelessly with friends they may hide things or lie to us. But if parents can track kid’s real-time locations they always know about kids’ exact places.

With GPS kid tracker apps, parents can keep an eye on kid’s locations. In comparison to the several kid locational tracking apps, Bit Guardian Parental Control offers the most accurate results.

Ways To Ensure Kid’s Safe Digital Navigation

While talking about a kid’s virtual world, parents need to take care of kids’ safety in the digital world. Also, protecting kids from cyber scams is crucial these days. Follow these steps to guard a kid’s digital activities.

Inculcate Safe Digital Habits

Teach your kids a few safe online habits that can help keep them safe while they explore the digital world. Also, discuss how to manage digital footprints with the child to navigate the online world safely.

Not sharing a password with any stranger, avoiding clicking on any dubious links and not sharing personal information on social media accounts are a few healthy habits that can keep kids safe online.

Share Kid’s Virtual Life

Being part of a kid’s online life can give ideas about his virtual world. By doing this you can have a close look at the child’s online activities. If something goes wrong you can share a few best Internet safety tips.

Use Parental Control App

A sure-shot way to ensure kids’ online safety is to use a dedicated parental control app such as Bit Guardian Parental Control.

  • Screen Time Control Features: App Time Limit and Time Schedule are effective screen time control features that limit a kid’s excessive device usage. Kiosk Mode also eliminates any digital dangers by allowing only a handful of child-friendly apps.
  • App Block/ App Install Block: Let your kids explore the online world freely without worrying about age-inappropriate apps. App Block helps restrict all suspicious apps. With App Install Block you can restrict your child from downloading any new app from the Google play store.

A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids

  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

It is also popular as the best Geofencing Android app for its accurate real-time GPS tracking of kids. It shares the kid’s location and even tracks his vehicle speed to keep him safe while he commutes.

As the saying goes ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. Keep these parenting tips in mind and use kids’ safety measures or GPS Kid tracking app to ensure a kid’s safe navigation.

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