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How To Protect Children From Radicalization?

How To Protect Children From Radicalization

On one hand, with school closure and isolation, the Government is trying hard to stop the spread of Coronavirus and on the other; due to plenty of free time, kids spend excessive hours on various devices. Moreover, lockdown raises the risk of online child abuse and many cybercrimes. Protecting a child from any digital danger is inevitably essential in this situation.

Additionally, parents are overburdened due to remote-work situations, household chores and child care. Now they also need to protect kids from various digital platforms that serve harmful content. So, this article aims to help parents safeguard their kids from hate-driven content and radicalization.

How To Save Young Brains From Radicalization?

What Is Radicalization?

Any action, speech, comment, or process that causes someone to adopt a radical position on certain political and social issues is known as radicalization. Additionally, It forms a strong opinion in an individual’s mind towards some specific issue, cast, political situation, etc. The process of mass radicalization of the intellectuals led to the revolution.

However, when kids accidentally come across such a concept it might not be good for them. The curiosity of children may lead them to certain web platforms that exclusively cater to hate-driven content and radicle opinions against certain cast, skin color, issue, and social-political situation.

How Kids Come Across Radicalization And How To Protect Their Digital Life?

After understanding the meaning of radicalization, you must be clear that kids should not come across any radical concept through speech, online content, comments, etc.

However, today’s kids crazily follow social media influencers, celebrities, and famous fashion/ lifestyle personalities to know their opinions. And sadly, many people intentionally spread such opinions among children to sow the seeds of certain radical thought.

Apart from that, there are many dedicated websites, online platforms that actively spread radicalization among kids.

The most practical way to safeguard kids from such harmful content is to use child monitoring apps. Bit Guardian Parental Control is one such dedicated kids’ safety app. It allows only child-friendly apps and games on kids devices. Also, it blocks in-appropriate apps so there are no chances that they access in-appropriate content.

A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids
  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

How To Spot The Signs Of Radicalization?

It is very important to identify early signs of radicalization. Moreover, when kids are under the influence of some strong radical opinions, and thoughts that may show below-mentioned behavior.

  • Child Isolates Himself From Friends And Family – When someone radicalizes a kid, he may choose to stay alone. This isolation gives him time to repeatedly visit and read those platforms that serve radical thoughts.
  • He Indulges Into Increased Secretive Virtual Life – Kids become very secretive when they are under the influence of some radical thoughts. They try hard to keep their digital lives secret.
  • Kids Do Not Discuss Their Views -The constant hate-driven content makes kids stop talking about their views with someone else. In addition to that, they see discussions negatively and are not willing to express their opinions.
  • He Shows Increased Level Of Anger – When someone systematically washes kids brian with negative comments or violent-hate driven thoughts towards a certain issue, they start showing uncontrolled anger, whenever someone talks regarding that subject.
  • He Talks A scripted Speech – It is high-time to start protecting a child when he begins to talk in a specific way as if he is reading a scripted speech. Hate spreaders constantly feed the dose of negativity towards a certain subject and that almost stays scripted in kids’ brains.

How To Protect Children From Radicalization?

It is very damaging to kids’ emotional growth when at an early age he radicalized. He struggles to form his own opinions and suffer from the limited negative views and beliefs he got fed for a particular subject. So, here are a few ways that parents can adopt while they feel someone is radicalizing their kids.

  • Improve Your Communication with The Child – Communication is key to anyone’s heart. Keep talking to kids(even if they try to avoid) and know what they are up to in their digital lives.
  • Share Kids’ Virtual Lives – Be part of your kids’ virtual world. It helps you to know whether they are navigating the online world safely or not.
  • Explain Good And Bad Clearly – Educate your kids a few basic digital rules. Also, they should know the difference between the good platforms and the bad ones.
  • Educate Kids That Hate And Anger Do Not Solve Anything – The best advice you should give kids is making them aware that hate, anger, violence doesn’t solve any issues. Rather empathy and sensitivity can cure any problems.

Concluding Notes

A healthy mind does not speak ill of others. Out of nowhere if your kids show violence and anger towards specific issues, be alert and oversee their virtual lives closely.

Chances are, some digital platform is washing his young brain with resentment towards a particular subject. keep your kids safe from the slow poison of radicalization.

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