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How To Promote Healthy Technology Usage In Your Kids?

Digital Guideline To Encourage Healthy Technology Use In Kids

Today’s children are growing up digital. The high-tech digital world is every kids’ fascination and they enjoy spending hours using different devices. Although the technology for kids is useful, it has a darker side too.

And as parents, it is your responsibility to help them learn healthy usage of technology. You should develop digital literacy skills in your kids. So, here we encourage all the parents to frame a digital guideline to make kids learn healthy concepts of digital citizenship.

Digital Guideline To Encourage Healthy Technology Use In Kids

Despite their extensive use and tonnes of advantages, using technology excessively can invite many dangers. A digital guideline is a must-follow-family safety-protocol.

Technology For Kids: A Boon Or Bane?

With the increasing usage of different devices, it seems kids and technology are inseparable. Digital technology is an essential part of today’s kids’ life. Is technology a boon or bane for kids? Let’s see some probable threats of digital platforms.

  • Cyber Scams – Increasing cybercrime ratio is every parent’s concern. The more your kid stays active online, the more he is prone to get caught in any cyber scam.
  • Unsuitable Content – Not all apps and digital platforms are child-friendly. Many apps use offensive language, adult content, and in-appropriate themes.
  • Excessive screen time – Most of the apps and games are addictive in nature. These platforms increase kids’ screen time excessively. Such kids have a sedentary lifestyle that makes them obese and less active.

Apart, from these three major dangers, many other perils show how risky technology is for kids.

How Parental Control Apps Can Help Kids With Technology?

A child monitoring app, such as Bit Guardian Parental Control works as a kids’ digital guardian. Technology for kids is dangerous but using technology to track and limit kids’ online activities make it beneficial for kids’ safety.

Do you want to restrict your kids’ screen time? Do you think you should monitor your teen’s social media usage? Here are some of the effective features of this excellent app for teenagers.

  • Take charge of your kids’ digital life. This app helps to control, restrain, and safeguard kid’s lives online. With this kids’ safety app, parents can guard kid’s digital lives 24/7.
  • With this app, parents can limit children’s screen life and in a way, this app supports educating safe and restricted online behavior to kids.
  • This Android app blocker only allows child-friendly apps so your kids can learn what type of content they should access.
  • Frequent reports of child’s online activities will help you know which area of kids’ digital life requires your supervision.

A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids
  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

How To Establish Guidelines For Healthy Technology Usage?

Technology for innocent kids can be risky. Also, different digital technology is addictive for kids. Here are some pointers parents should keep in mind when they establish family guidelines for safe and satisfying technology use.

Educate Healthy Digital Habits

Make your kids smart enough that they can distinguish between real and fake profiles/platforms. Educate a few healthy online habits to your kids.

  • Teach your kids that any stranger is a danger. Your kids must avoid talking and texting to them.
  • Train your kids to unfollow all the suspicious pages/platforms and profiles. It is a fundamental safety rule that safeguards them against many probable scams.

Set Strict Limits And Promote Playtime

Establish strict yet reasonable screen time limits. And encourage real-life activities that your kids enjoy the most.

  • Have reasonable screen time limits. You can frame some rules to control device usage.
  • With technology kids become lazy. But real-life activities and games stimulate creativity. 
  • An unplugged playtime should be a daily priority, especially for very young kids.

Be Your Kids’ Digital Friend

Share your kids’ digital life by being active on different online platforms. This way you will be able to track his posts, and different online activities automatically.

  • Play your kids’ favorite video games with him, follow all his social media accounts, surf some fun and educational websites together.
  • Meanwhile, train not to click on suspicious links, make them aware of shady third-party platforms, educate them on what kind of stuff they can post online.

Be A Good Role Model

At times, your kids may not listen to you, but certainly, they are observing you. They are your reflection and unconsciously your actions have a profound impact on their life.

  • Educate and model generosity and good manners online.
  • Limit your own media use. Kids are great mimics, they will also reduce their gadget usage.
  • Establish a device-free zone in your house and follow them strictly.

Concluding Notes

Be more available for your kids. Have a strong connection with them. Interact more often. Technology for kids becomes harmful only when kids have no real-life attachment. Anchor your kids’ real-life with frequent hugs, occasional picnics, and regular sports activities.

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