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How To Use Panic And SOS Feature?


Being a child GPS tracker, a panic alert is sent to the parent device with the current location to secure your teen when the SOS button is pressed.

The panic alert on the parent’s device and the SOS button on the kid’s screen works in connection with each other. Whenever your kid taps on the SOS button, a very next moment, you will receive a panic alert on the dashboard and on your email id with the current location of your kid.

A parent can add a maximum of 5 contacts as a child’s guardian. The panic Alert email is triggered with Parent’s email address as primary ID, and other contacts are marked in CC.

Note: All email addresses are visible in the alert mail.

A Step-to step guide to fix GPS settings to receive a perfect location is described below.

Step 1: Go to the Settings menu of the child’s device.

Child device settings menu

Step 2: Scroll down to Security & Lock Screen and find Location settings.

Location settings

Step 3: Tap on Location and make sure GPS is enabled. If yes, then click on Google Location Accuracy and confirm Improve Location Accuracy is enabled (high accuracy).

GPS enabled

Step 4: If both settings are correctly configured, then check the current location on Google Maps to identify if it is reflecting the correct status.

Google Maps
current location

Note: App requires DND (do not disturb) permission (optional) to receive uninterrupted panic alerts on a parent’s device.

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