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How To Make Technology A Safe Space For Kids?

How to make technology a safe space for kids

How can you teach your kid to use the technology safely? 

This thought must have crossed your mind at least once. Kids and Technology share such an exceptional bond. After all, it is their magical entity capable of entertaining them, educating them, and connecting them with the whole world and beyond. Keeping kids completely away from tech devices and the internet is not practical and possible in the digital era. But, parents should not turn a blind eye to the risks associated with technology. 

Wondering what are these risks? Let’s find out

Technology- The Other Side

Technology has come a long way. You and your kids know that these mighty tech devices are your one-stop solution for every need. What you probably don’t know about is cyber security, online privacy, malware, cyber scams, the effect of inappropriate screen time, and many negative concerns associated with the same technology. Especially children can be severely affected by inappropriate use of technology because of their trusting nature. 

From choosing their first smartphone to making their first Facebook account, parents need to assist their kids to keep their tech experience safe. In this small guide, we have included all the tips and tricks that will help you to make your child’s technology usage safe. 

Keeping Kids Safe In Technology Space

Children today are tech maniacs. Their knowledge about technology is intimidating. I agree that your kids probably know much more about technology than you but it doesn’t mean that they are capable of using it wisely. After all, their minds are tender, they cannot make judgement and may find themselves at risk for being exploited. 

Follow these simple tips to protect them as they navigate adolescence with technology. 

Prioritize Transparent Conversations About Technology And Internet

Start as early as possible. If your child is old enough to use technology, they should be wise enough to use it safely. They might be sharing your devices rather than owning a personal one and this is the best chance to point out unsafe things about the online world. Teach them the importance of being a good digital citizen. More importantly, make them realize that you are there for them. They should be comfortable talking to you about anxiety, peer pressure, cyber bullying, or any other subject. 

Choose The Right Device

When it’s time to assign your kid their first smartphone, make a sane decision. Most of you prefer to hand down your old smartphones. Let me tell you that this can be your biggest mistake. Your kid might be ready to use a phone but every phone is not the same. There are some cell phones specially designed for catering to the needs of kids. They are screen-less and much safer. Choose them.

Choose Right Apps

Needless to say, you should allow your kids to access only those apps which are kids rated and are on the play store. But some apps like AmongUs are not appropriate even if their age rating is shown. The best way is to test a platform yourself and then only allow your kid to use it.  

Use Parental Controls

If your kid has recently bought his/her first device, the first thing you need to do is set up parental controls both verbally and technically. Chances are that your kid would not get your verbal warning. But, parental controls apps do a pretty good job in keeping your kids safe in the digital world. Choose the right parental control app with reliable screen time management and web filtering tools.

Bit Guardian Parental Control enables parents to safeguard their child’s online experiences by setting healthy and appropriate boundaries. It is a hub of fantastic features to keep your kid safe online as well as offline. Some of its awesome features are:-

  • Panic Alert– To warn you whenever your kid is unsafe.
  • App Block– Can block any unhealthy or addictive apps hindering your child’s growth.
  • Kiosk Mode– Lets you control literally everything on your little one’s phone.
  • App Time Limit– To control screen time of kids.

In short, using this application can keep your kids safe online and beyond.

Design A Technology Contract

Keeping all the above things in mind, make a Tech contract. This might sound childish but you are dealing with kids. Right? This contract should include all the important things like

  • With whom your kid can interact online?
  • The number of hours spent on phones, laptops, or any other tech device they own.
  • Which apps, websites, or software they are allowed to use?
  • How, when, and where they are allowed to use their devices?
  • What will be the penalty if they break the rules?

Avoid being too hard by just ordering them to follow these rules. Try to include them while designing this contract and listen to what they have to say. 

Final Thoughts

Although technology can be a blessing for your kids, it doesn’t take much time to change its course. Kids get fascinated by the shiny side of technology and often engage in some acts which they shouldn’t. These simple tips can help your kid to navigate safely through the online world. Moreover, do not forget to install Bit Guardian Parental Control on their devices. It will monitor their online as well as offline history and keep them safe and secure. 

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