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How To Keep Your Kids Safe From Scams In Free Games

Tips to keep your child away from free games scam

Is your kid an avid gamer? Or does it love playing free games?

Keeping kids away from free games is a tedious task. It is almost impossible not to let kids play these games on their digital devices. It is one of the best sources of amusement for kids. Also, parents like to see their kids playing such games because this way, the child stays on its parent’s radar, and hence parents need not worry about their physical safety.

In fact, we as parents generally are the ones introducing our kids to the computer or mobile free games. However, little do we know about the threats and demerits our child may have to face while playing these free games.

This may include cyberbullying, behavioral or mental changes, gaming addiction, and others. The challenges are endless. Furthermore, there can be a number of scammers waiting for innocent children to fall into their trap in some of these free games. For this reason, you should not download just any games or click on just any link that may offer to give you free gifts.

To make sure that you or your child do not fall prey to any such scam, you should check out the points given below.

Tips To Stay Safe In Free Games 

Follow only the trusted source

There are many organizations or developers that have listed free games on their individual websites. They have not made their games available on authentic gaming platforms. The reason is that they wish to contact their customer directly rather than paying any commission to such stores. 

Parents or customers feel that there is nothing wrong with downloading games directly from the websites. However, there is a great risk attached to this step. Such stray or random websites may put false or scamming links that can potentially damage you in multiple ways. This is why, whenever you download a game, make sure you do it from trusted sources.

Reviews are really important

If you go on to the reviews section of any free game, you will find a mixture or combination of reviews of each kind. But, it will be on your own intellect to judge if the free game you are targeting to download is safe for you or not.
To do so, you can read reviews in detail. If some reviews are bad and the majority of them are good, you can go with downloading that free game. However, if the majority of the reviews are criticizing the game, then you should definitely think about not downloading that free game.

Follow only verified developers

The development of games is not a difficult or limited task now. Literally, anyone can build or develop a free game. To make sure your child stays safe while playing these free games, scrutinize the developer by searching about it on the internet. 

If you will search for it in detail, the chances are you will get a hint or even elaborated reviews about that developer. Following the developers that are verified can be a boon for your child’s game play.

Do not get tempted by spurious links

Scammers leave alluring links at multiple places and free games are a hotspot for them. It is easy for people to get trapped in such schemes where they are attracted by free offers or redeemable coupons.
If you click on any such link, the chances are you will have to face ill consequences. Hence it is of the utmost importance that you double-check the link you are clicking, especially on the source that is offering you free games.

Use security solutions

One thing that most of the gamers do to get swift game play is to turn off security measures. This is not a good step. Security solutions can help you stay safe while downloading or playing any free games.
Even if you try clicking on any inappropriate or malicious website or source, the security source will alert you, blocking you from accessing the source. These days, you can even get security solutions that can offer your child swift game play and they will also keep your child safe from any scam or threat in an online or free game.

Avoid using Personally Identifiable Information(PII)

This is the data that is used to easily identify someone. This may include your name, your email address, your date of birth, your address, your credit/debit card information, and other things that directly or indirectly can be used to identify you. This information about you or any other individual is very sensitive and can be misused by cyber criminals for multiple purposes.
Also, while playing free games, you cannot completely trust their servers. For this reason, inform your children not to use their real names or address or picture, or anything else in the chats while playing any free games.

Final Thoughts

Follow the tips given above to keep your child safe and to let them enjoy good gameplay in free games. It is impossible to limit gaming when it comes to children. Following these protective measures will at least give you peace of mind that your child is digitally safe. Also, downloading Bit Guardian Parental Control can help you to a great extent in limiting the mobile usage of your child. If you have more tips on staying safe while playing free games, hit us up in the comments section.

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