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How To Ensure Kids’ Online Safety?

Ensure Kids' Online Safety

Recently, leading safe online surfing platform-FBI has launched age-appropriate games for children that can teach them online safety methods.

Additionally, this portal has raised concern over kids’ safety on various digital platforms. A few days back there was a news that marketers are now violating COPPA guidelines and they collect kids’ personal data from the apps they are using.

So, to promote kids friendly apps and responsible online behavior this platform launches new apps and shares safe surfing techniques.

Why Online Safety Is Crucial?

Many reasons force parents to take kids’ online safety on top priority. Here are some of the main factors that we all should consider for safe online navigation.

  • The increasing ratio of cybercrimes is the main cause of concern. Many hackers and online predators target kids to con them.
  • Incidents of cyberbullies and phishing are frequent nowadays.
  • Many online platforms and social media sites use hate-driven content. They promote violence and offensive language.
  • Many apps use adult content and store kids’ data for marketing purposes.

Additionally, the FBI specifically talks about unsuitable and misleading dating apps.

A Few Apps Parents Should Know About

The platform discusses around 15 dating-chatting apps that are not kid-friendly. Here are some of the apps this platform thinks parents should be aware off-

  • Omegle- This online dating platform is famous amongst teenagers and is a notorious one-to-one chatting app. Sexting, adult language, and child molestation are common on this site. With such content do you think Omegle is safe for kids?
  • Holla- This app claims to be addictive and it is truly one. Holla has been confronted for hate-driven content, racial slurs and offensive language.
  • Kik- Another random video chat platform that lets anyone contact kids directly. There are many other built-in apps and all of them let kids bypass the traditional text messaging feature.
  • Whisper- Whisper is a famous anonymous social chat platform that promotes kids to share their secrets with strangers. The app also reveals users’ location details so strangers can meet and mingle.
  • Yellow- A Tinder-like app that allows teenagers to flirt with each other using incognito mode.

How Parents Can Protect Their Children?

With its safe surfing tricks and tips, the FBI explains how we can protect our kids online.

  • Check every app your kid is using and allow only approved apps on their devices.
  • Check the privacy setting of famous social media platforms.
  • Be a gentle parent and discuss cybercrimes and digital dangers with kids.
  • Promote safe online behavior with basic digital literacy skills.
  • Educate healthy online habits and limit their device usage.

Above all, parents must use a parental control app to monitor kids’ online activities. Bit Guardian Parental Control is one of the most recognized parenting apps of 2020.

Additionally, this app protects, restricts, and monitors your kids’ overall virtual life to give them safe digital navigation. It offers effective screen time control tools and also acts as a robust Android app blocker.

As parents, you should be extremely cautious that truly dangerous apps exist and your teens might be very excited to use those. Make your kids web-wise with the above-mentioned techniques.

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