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How To Discipline Children With Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (AD/HD)?

discipline a child with adhd

Does your child behave short-tempered? Is he impulsive and aggressive? Have you come across a situation where your child is not able to pay attention to his games or studies? Well, this can be a common scenario of Attention-Deficit children with Hyperactive Disorder (AD/HD).

Dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (AD/HD) children is challenging for every parent. The AD child often shows symptoms such as strong emotional reactions and short attention span. Sometimes the behavior of an AD child also results in impulsive actions.

Moreover, AD/HD is a medical phenomenon. Apart from being a gentle parent, there are many effective ways that are helpful to discipline such kids.

Parenting Tips To Discipline Children With AD/HD

It is important to know the right kind of approach while dealing with AD/HD in your child. There are no thumb rules to solve this. But some proven parenting techniques can easily help you manage your child’s AD/HD.

How To Discipline A Child With AD/HD?

Follow the below-mentioned strategies to tame a child with AD/HD.

Establish Clear Limits

Set specific rules for your child to follow. Clear rules and limits psychologically prepare kids to behave in certain ways.

  • Communicate with your child regarding the general idea of good behavior and bad behavior.
  • Be firm on your approach and do not bow down to your kid’s stubborn habits.
  • Always keep checking on the implementations on your rules and your child’s acceptance of such rules.
  • Never hesitate to teach them the consequences of inappropriate behavior. For example, despite setting time limits to use various devices, when kids exceed it frequently, teach them the consequence of it by using strict parental means.

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Manage Impulsive Behavior

Make sure you communicate to your child when he is behaving impulsively and signal him to stop immediately.

  • Ask questions such as how does he feel or is such impulsive behavior appropriate?
  • Tell them not to interrupt on certain occasions such as a friend’s visit to the home or an important phone call.
  • Praise and reward your child too often for following your instructions.
  • Always talk to them in a comfortable position like sitting beside them or talking at an eye level.
  • Give your kid a warm hug to manage their impulsive behavior rather than scolding or shouting.

What Are The Signals Of AD/HD Symptoms In Children?

You often found your child naughty for his impulsive and troubling behaviors. But this might not be the case all the time. It may happen that your child is suffering from this AD/HD problem. And poor child might not even be aware of the fact that they are causing trouble because of such disorder.

Signs Of AD/HD In Your Child

It is very important to spot certain signs that show AD/HD symptoms. Here are some signs that may help you.

  • It is an alarming signal if your child has a very less attention span.
  • It can be a symptom if your child responds with anger to the smallest of matters.
  • If a kid shows impulsive reactions to almost everything.
  • If he has excessive stubborn habits.
  • When he constantly changes activity or task.
  • Kids may have difficulty in organizing tasks/things or their own behavior.

How To Manage Kids’ Attention Problem And Hyper Energies?

The biggest challenge while disciplining kids with AD/HD is to manage their attention seeking behavior and hyperactivity.

  • Improve communication with your child. Try to enhance his attention span slowly and gradually.
  • Make kids involved in games, both indoors and outdoors to improve concentration and values.
  • AD/HD kids are very energetic. Give them proper space to release that Energy. This can be done by having a daily routine to share details and emotions.
  • Listen to your kid’s problems or issues daily. Maintain the atmosphere of warmth and care around him.
  • Control your body language and stay calm while talking to your child. If you are in a bad state of mind, avoid confronting your child for a while.


Children with AD/HD are energy bombs and constantly seek attention. However, communicating transparently with them and letting them know the goods and bads of such behavior makes a huge impact.

The only way you can successfully discipline an AD/HD child is to stay calm, talk more, and love them the most!

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