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How Social Media And Smartphones Affect Childhood?

Social Media And Smartphones Affect Childhood

As they say, “social media sites create an illusion of connectivity”. We are raising a smartphone generation that stays glued to their devices all day long surfing and posting on various social media platforms and slowly losing their connectivity with the real-world. Don’t you think these technologies are disrupting our kid’s childhood?

Across the globe, parents are worried about their kid’s social media addiction. In fact, why to blame social media, the first major culprit is our handheld devices! Children are obsessed with smartphones. How can we address a kid’s smartphone addiction?

How can we set free the trapped childhood of this smartphone generation? Let’s explore more to find out how social media and smartphones affect kids.

Effects Of Smartphones On Childhood

Increased Cybercrimes

Excessive smartphone usage may invite many digital dangers. How to treat a kid’s technology addiction is a global challenge these days. The more time kids spend on devices the more they are prone to various digital dangers.

Our gullible kids do not understand the threats of the online world. They just enjoy reckless surfing. A single click on dubious apps or content may risk their digital life.

Increased Sedentary Lifestyle

Playful and active childhood is a sign of a healthy kid. But sadly, today’s kids are no longer like that. They are drowning into devices like never before and hence, living a less active and in extreme cases a sedentary lifestyle.

Due to prolonged smartphone usage, they gradually develop poor eyesight, obesity, and weak posture.

Lack Of Social Skills

Smartphone addiction keeps kids engaged in various games, apps, and social media platforms. They are so habitual with screens that they no longer enjoy sports and various ground-based activities.

As a result, today’s children lack social skills. They no longer interact with new friends. In fact, a few teen dating apps replaced the pleasure of in-person dating conversations.

Effects Of Social Media On Childhood

Social Media Addiction

Social media addiction has been recognized as a mental disorder and child experts suggest cure centers/ rehabs for it too! Negative effects of social media can ruin a kid’s childhood.

Extended usage of social media creates a false sense of identity. Kids carve for validation and approvals. And if a post can not earn likes or comments they may feel stressed and unmotivated.

An Illusionary Craze Of Virtual Life

Today’s teens are crazy over social media platforms. They crave this virtual life more and more just to stay in the trend. Every minute moments of their lives become share-worthy content that earns likes and comments.

Because of this, they lack real-life engagements. They do not like spending family time and weekend picnics are no longer fun for them.

Poor Mental-Emotional Life

Studies say excessive social media usage may alter the brain’s cognitive response functions. Our brain is not used to focus on the screen for hours, instead, its primary function is getting engaged in various life events, moods, and situations.

Excessive smartphone usage and virtual engagements of kids can affect their overall mental health. Such kids happen to show low EQ.

Parental Control App: One-stop Solution to Kid’s Smartphone AddictionsDo you want to limit the smartphone usage of the child? Seeing how social media disrupts childhood, do you want to put an end to its obsession? Do you know which app is an online current trend nowadays?

Well, the Bit Guardian Parental Control is the answer to all your questions.

  • Screen time features such as App Time Limit, Time Schedule, and Kiosk Mode help parents reduce kid’s screen time. Parents can limit kid’s social media usage, games and all the other addictive contents.
  • Keep kids safe and limit their app addiction with App Install Block and App Block features. It allows only age-friendly apps in kid’s devices.
  • Parents can monitor kids’ digital activities remotely and can limit their addiction to screen control tools as well.
  • When you restrict a child from using addictive social media apps, games, etc, he automatically limits his device usage. Bit Guardian can act like a strict guardian that outlines disciplinary measures.
  • Collectively, it restricts, limits, and protects the child while he explores the online world, keeping his childhood intact.

A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids

  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

Concluding Notes

The current trend favors modern parenting wherein parents be friends with a child. They do not act strict and yell to discipline the child. Instead of seeing a kid’s digital addiction helplessly, it is okay to be strict with kids. It is also okay to set rules for device usage.

Before technology disrupts your kid’s childhood, start taking action! After all, prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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