Here’s How Schools Will Look Like If They Reopen During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Schools Reopen During The COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives massively. Parenting during the Coronavirus outbreak is difficult. The long lockdown phase is making us all restless, especially kids are feeling bored and anxious without any active schedule.

However, a few countries are planning to reopen schools. At this time the ‘return to school’ is hopefully a relaxing step for parents and very essential for kids.

Here is the latest information on how parents and children can deal with these new changes and how to support kids to join schools safely.

Why School Reopening Is Necessary?

Education and parenting during COVID-19 have been changed a lot. Let’s understand why some of the parents and children are asking to reopen schools on an urgent basis.

Impact Of School Closures On Children

While the decision of school closure is positively controlling coronavirus infections, it negatively affects kids’ lives.

  • Globally, parents have noticed that kids are becoming aggressive, anxious, and restless due to the lack of fixed schedules in the lockdown phase.
  • Children feel bored and lazy, as parents are busy at work from home and kids do not have anything to do. However, many parents are trying to engage their kids in fun and productive things they can do during the quarantine. But nothing can replace schools!
  • Also, the biggest parental concern during school closure is the increasing screen time of kids. Kids are carelessly engaging in various devices for hours during these home locked days. Schools used to keep kids productively busy and now children use gadgets so much so that their health started affecting.
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Impact Of School Closure On Parents

After seeing kids’ side of the school closure issues, let’s explore how parents are struggling having kids around the whole day during the quarantine time.

  • Managing finances, handling kids, working from home, surviving social distancing, and managing fears of Corona Disease – parents have a lot to tackle during these tough times.
  • Parents feel stressed, overburdened, and helpless in this situation. Also, various news across the globe notices a dramatic increase in the cases of domestic violence and anger outbursts.
  • It is high time, parents need a little break from kids and their routine chores, and it can only be possible if schools reopen and kids get occupied.
  • The hectic schedule of patents is making them insane. The lack of emotional support and constant work are making parents annoyed. Reopening schools will be a great welcome step to relax parental stress.

Is It Safe For Children To Join Schools?

Education is important, so are the kids. Schools should only be reopened if it is safe for kids. It is also possible that schools may reopen for a while and then authorities need to close them again. Whatever, the decision is, everyone’s primary concern should be kids’ safety.

To keep things safe and hygienic various countries are taking different measures. Your local leader and authorities will also be planning for the same. Keeping kids safe and reopening schools to resume education is the right move at this time.

Precautions Schools MUST Take To Prevent Infections Of Coronavirus Disease

Without compromising kids’ education any more, many countries have started schools and education centers. However, countries need to check the COVID-19 health response in a particular area where the school is located to protect students, teachers, and their families. Here are a few things schools will need to manage.

  • Schools need to plan start and close of the day, including overall workflow.
  • Schools also need to manage kids’ and teachers’ safety during mealtimes.
  • There are chances that schools need to arrange new education spaces or maybe they need to move classes to outdoors on temporary bases.
  • To reduce class size and minimize public contact schools should plan to work on shift bases.
  • Promoting frequent handwashing in kids, following respiratory etiquettes (using tissue, sneezing into the elbow, etc), handling necessary cleaning procedures, creating safe meal preparations, etc are very crucial tasks.

How Can You Support Your Kids To Get Back Into The School Mode?

Parents need to create a supportive and nurturing environment so kids can share their feelings about this new change. Respond positively and solve all their doubts and questions.

Neuroscience suggests that the brains of kids need social connections during childhood to maintain health and wellbeing. Let COVID-19 do not deprive kids of social stimuli they need the most during childhood.

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