How COVID-19 Pandemic Punishes Children In Many Hidden Ways

COVID-19 Pandemic Punishes Children In Many Hidden Ways

The crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic made kids victims of many hidden issues. While visibly we can see kids’ school closure, loss of routine activities, and stress and anxiety due to the fear of disease, there are more underlying issues that threaten kids’ overall wellbeing. Sadly, no research or study addresses these issues.

However, recently, in favor of this, UNICEF announced concern that parents shouldn’t let COVID-19 pandemic make children the victim of hidden issues. It throws light on a few key areas and how kids get affected with it.

How School Closure Affect Kids And Their Education?

In this lockdown situation, more than 191 countries have announced school closures and they offer different types of homeschooling. More than 1.5 billion students and 63 million primary and secondary school teachers are active in the online education system.

On the other side, there are many areas where easy access to the Internet and E-learning is not possible. These kids have interrupted studies with limited and sometimes no Internet connection for online education at all. In such cases, school closures during COVID-19 have severely affected kids’ mental health.

How Increased Screen Time Affects Kids Overall Wellbeing?

Another hidden issue kids are suffering from is excessive usage of various screens and their effects on mental and physical health. The lockdown has increased our screen times massively. Kids are free these days and have nothing to do at home so all day they stay glued to various devices.

Moreover, kids’ increased screen time affects their mental and emotional health. It invites a sedentary lifestyle with poor vision, insomnia, obesity, etc. Kids get addicted to various apps and games when they play it for extended hours.

That’s why many parents use the Bit Guardian Parental Control app to limit kids’ screen time. This app restricts and protects kids’ virtual life with effective features.

What Is The Socio-Economic Impact Of Coronavirus And Lockdown On Children?

This is the most hard-felt factor that makes kids vulnerable globally. Many kids already live in severe poverty and the sudden spread of this pandemic increased their hardships. Also, millions of parents struggle very hard to maintain their livelihoods and income.

Moreover, every job and business has suffered tremendously due to this lockdown, and for poor and labor class people things are getting worse. Also, governments of every country must scale up their social and welfare protection measures.

Helping in social safety and cash transfers, guarding jobs and small businesses, encouraging various employers to assist working parents, making policies that help families to survive-on priority basis, and saving health care, nutrition, children and their education are a few steps the government should take to save children and families to survive this critical phase.

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