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How Can You Improve Your Child’s Focus And Concentration?

Effective tips to improve your child’s focus and concentration

Developing concentration power is essential to be successful. Introducing kids to the importance of focus at an early age can be a game-changer in their life. But we all know that focus and concentration don’t come easy with kids. Today’s kids suffer from short attention spans and it is very difficult to improve their concentration. Many parents and teachers struggle with a lack of focus in children.

To help kids strengthen their ability to focus, patents are trying to improve their communication with children so they can figure out actual reasons of distraction. However, most of the parents are still clueless.

So, here we share some easy ways to help your kids improve their concentration.

Parenting Tips To Help Your Child Focus And Concentrate

From toddlers to teenagers- children at every age group struggle to focus on something for long stretches. Let’s first understand what are the actual problems that cause lack of concentration.

What Causes Concentration Issues In Kids?

Difficulty in staying focused is a normal issue. It happens even with the adults on periodic bases. Here are some reasons that cause a lack of concentration.

Kids Are Wired Differently

The brains of kids are wired differently to adults. And this is the main reason kids lack concentration power.

  • Concentration is like a body muscle. We need to hone it up by continuously working on it. An adult’s brain understands it but in the case of kids, the story is very different.
  • Kids are wired differently to adults and they have ‘selective concentration issues’.
  • Children can focus only when they find something very interesting that feeds their curiosity.
  • When the task they are doing is no more fun, they get bored and immediately shift their attention to something else.

Devices Cause Distraction

Too much tech-use gradually leads to a short attention span. Different types of gadgets ruin concentration.

  • Different apps and web content are so captivating that it makes kids addicted.
  • Games are specially designed to quickly shift our focus from one engagement point to another. A kid who is addicted to videogames gradually develops shallow thinking and a short attention span.
  • Kids can not control their impulsive nature and constant notification of social media posts, a frequent buzz of messages distract kids’ minds.
  • Excessive usage of devices gradually causes- difficulty focusing on study, shallow thinking, impulsive nature, and weavering mind in kids.
  • However, child monitoring apps, like Bit Guardian Parental Control help parents to limit kids’ device usage. This app understands child psychology and blocks addictive games and apps to help kids stay focused on important tasks. Screen time control features limit kids’ screen life by eliminating digital distractions.
A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids
  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

Emotional Stress

Just because kids can not communicate stress and emotional crisis it does not mean they are immuned. Just like adults, kids also get distracted due to emotional stress.

  • Children whose parents are not paying attention to them, kids with some psychological issues and teenagers who think they are lonely and suffering from some kind of emotional trauma can not focus on particular things for a long time.

What Are The Effective Techniques To Improve Kids’ Focus And Concentration?

Maintaining an emotionally healthy and compassionate atmosphere at home is the prior requisite to make kids comfortable. Once you think your children are at ease follow below-mentioned techniques to improve their focus.

Play Focus Games

Kids love games and it is a good idea to build their concentration with different types of focus games.

Choose Crossword puzzles, memory games, and thinking exercises to improve kids’ focus. There are many interesting puzzle games for every age group that build concentration along with fun.

Handle ADHD Crisis

Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is a hallmark cause that triggers a lack of concentration in kids. Discipline AD/HD children first and then create a distraction-free environment to build their concentration power.

Fix An Engaging Routine

Fixing a routine to follow, helps kids’ brains to understand what time is dedicated for which activity. And this, in turn, helps them be psychologically ready to concentrate on those particular things.

Eat Healthy Stay Fit

Eating junk food, and sugar-rich foods make kids sluggish while a well-balanced fresh meal nourishes and helps kids to develop an active and focused brain.

Also, exercising and enjoying sports or active games develop a healthy brain that concentrates better.

Sound Sleep And Power Naps Are Important

Kids can easily concentrate after having a good night’s sleep of 7-8 hours. Also, a power nap in the afternoon helps to focus more. Snack-breaks can do tricks to improve their concentration.


Kids’ internal stimuli like physical sensation, feeling and memories also play vital roles in distracting them. A pro-tip for parents to help improve kids’ focus and concentration is to pay mindful attention to how the child feels in his body. Allow him to vent out his emotions and energies.

Be consistent, like any other skills, we can improve concentration also.

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