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How App Time Limit Can Help Reduce Your Kid’s Screen Time?


We are raising a tech-crazy generation. Every child has been hooked to his device these days. No matter how many times parents explain, yell or punish to limit excessive screen time, kids will never listen to them. They do not understand the importance of a screen time limit for a healthy life.

In fact, teenagers may think we parents are invading their personal space by constantly monitoring their online actions. And on the other side, kids’ careless virtual lives and obsession for screens make parents worried.

Moreover, using devices for extended hours is a universal problem of this digital generation. And that’s why across the globe, parents started using parental control measures to resolve their concerns.

What Are Parental Controls?

Parental Controls are applications and software that monitor, protect and restrict kid’s digital lives with effective features. Bit Guardian Parental Control is one such Android screen time application, that is well-known amongst parents for its restorative tools.

A perfect way to safeguard your Digital Kids

  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

What Are The Reasons For Kid’s Excessive Screen Time?

Habit-forming Nature of Apps And Games

Believe it or not, but it is almost impossible to escape from various exciting games and applications. Even as adults, we struggle hard to limit our screen time. These apps and games are designed to get us hooked to their colorful visuals, mind-tickling concepts, and captivating features.

The curious nature of children gets attracted to such apps and games and gradually they form the habit of using such platforms frequently or consuming such apps/games excessively. And in no time this habit turns into an addiction.

Lack Of Potential Real-life Engagements

On one side where kids are almost drowned in the illusionary virtual world, their real-world lacks exciting engagements and entertaining activities.

And this is the place where we, as parents, fail! We couldn’t find real-life activities that can replace our kid’s virtual cravings. Kids enjoy excessive screen time because their real life is not anchored enough.

Teenager’s Craze Of Having ‘Cool’ Online Life

Till now we saw the parent’s view of the problem but what is the view of kids regarding excessive gadget usage?

Generally, kids spend extended hours on their devices just to maintain a cool online image. They want to be part of the current trend and that very well explains why our youngsters use social media platforms for hours! 

How can we treat a kid’s technology addiction? Well, making them aware of the importance of a healthy digital life can automatically help reduce addiction.

Importance Of Healthy Digital Life

Every side of the internet is not harmful, in fact it is the medium that serves the universal knowledge on our fingertips. You should expose your children to the limited and useful parts of the internet. Guarded digital exposure can enrich kids’ knowledge.

Basically, anyone can surf the virtual world for two primary reasons- For knowledge or for entertainment. But in the case of kids, they are not mature enough to decide their purpose and hence parents should take charge and guide their kids online surfing habits.

Healthy virtual life brings a perfect balance of knowledge and entertainment. It also utilizes various apps /games and platforms in a healthy amount. It helps kids to get in touch with current trends and a wide range of knowledge on various subjects without losing the hold of the real-life.

Use app time limit and android parental control means to get a perfect digital balance in your kid’s life.Let’s see how you can do it with Bit Guardian Parental control.

How To Achieve Screen Time Control With Bit Guardian?

Bit Guardian Parental Control is a brilliant Android Screen time app that offers various screen time control features.

  • App Block allows parents to block addictive apps.
  • App Install Block prevents the child from downloading any new app from the Google Play store.
  • Kiosk Mode enables you to create a bespoke home screen in a kid’s device.
  • With a Time Schedule parents can apply screen time control to different apps based on various categories.
  • App Time Limit is a perfect parenting arsenal to fight the kid’s digital addiction. Let’s know everything about this feature.

How To Use App Time Limit To Combat Kid’s App Addictions?

App Time Limit restrains childs’ app time to a couple of hours by creating various application groups. These app groups can be created based on a similar category of apps. The child will only be able to use apps for a fixed number of hours/minutes on scheduled days.

Step by step guide for using the Android App Time Limit:

Step-1: Download the Bit Guardian Parental Control app on parent’s device and kid’s device. Installation and setup of this android screen time control app is very easy.

Download Bit Guardian Parental Control App

Step-2: Go to the Parent dashboard. And tap on the kid for whom you would like to use the App time limit feature. 

Parent dashboard

Step-3: Tap on the App Time Limit.

Click on App time limit

Step 4: To enable the feature turn on the toggle button. Tap the plus icon. select a single app or create as many groups of apps as you would like to.

Enable feature
  • Any single app can not overlap in more than one application group. A single app can be a part of one group only as one app cannot have more than one rule defined.
  • You can anytime edit or delete the app groups that you have created.

Step 5:Turn on the toggle button. Set a time to specify the number of hours or minutes when access to the apps is granted to the kid. (You can not set more than 24 hours to use any app) Choose Repeat days.

set hours or minutes of apps

(Plan access to various apps for a specific number of hours/minutes during the day. So a kid can use it even in breaks.)

Step 6: Tap Apply.

tap to apply

Concluding Notes

Keeping your kids away from various digital platforms and gadgets is not possible in today’s time. But what parents can certainly do to curtail kid’s excessive screen usage is giving them limited and guarded online exposure.

For a secure virtual life, it is mandatory to monitor kid’s online actions. Also, it is proven that the obsession of screen life can hinder the kid’s overall growth and development. Apply effective screen time control today!

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