Guidelines For Home-Schooling During COVID-19 Crisis

Guidelines For Home-schooling During COVID-19 Crisis

The coronavirus lockdown and school closing have affected kids’ education adversely. Millions of children are missing out on pre-school education due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Even teens and young kids face significant education loss in this crisis.

But, now with this month, we enter the back-to-school season. And many states and parents are exploring different online education and home-schooling options. However, there is a great chance for teachers and students to get affected by COVID-19 during regular schooling.

So, this fear leads us all to explore home-schooling options and resources for the first time ever. Here we share some helpful tips to equip yourself with this new education concept.

Realize That Home-Schooling Is Not Going To Be Easy

The very first thing, we should keep in mind is that home-schooling is not going to be as easy and perfect as it sounds. It has its own set of challenges. Keep your expectations in check as this new concept may have many limitations.

To begin with, there are chances that children may feel bored and stuck during online education. Your kid may not move up two levels of science or he probably won’t master the new language in his first year of home-schooling.

Also, various digital gadgets are the biggest distraction. As per the child experts, the lockdown has increased the screen time massively. Captivating games and apps may easily divert kids from their online sessions of home-schooling.

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Find Out The Legal Aspects Of Homeschooling

Every state has different laws regarding home-schooling. It is legal in more than 50 states but you should check out the laws of it in your state first. Go to your state department of education’s website, it may include study hours, subjects, testing, and other details.

Join Various Home School Groups

Find out the local and national homeschool groups on Facebook or any other sites and join them for help. Several states have home school pods or co-ops where you can pair up with other families for tutorials.

Moreover, joining a homeschool community in your region may help you in many areas. It assists in navigating curriculum choices, setting up a study schedule, and figuring out how to deal with this new concept.

Be Adaptable

Home-schooling is an excellent opportunity to learn. You can learn online sessions and can access other portals to gain more knowledge. Home-based education can help learn many life-essential skills also.

We might wonder how schools will look like if they reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Homeschooling is a new concept and we all will gradually learn to equip ourselves with it.

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