Google Playstore Dumps Android Version Of Fortnite

Google removed the Fortnite from Google Play Store

The famous “Epic games” added a direct payment option in both the iOS and Android versions of Fortnite a few days back. And as a response to the direct action, Google removed the Fortnite from Google Play Store last Thursday.

Apart from the direct payment issue, Fortnite has been very controversial for its violent nature and other online threats. Parents have already raised their concern to protect kids from any probable online hazards while they play this game.

By adding a direct payment option, Fortnite bypasses Apple and Google’s 30 percent share on all in-app purchases. Earlier Apple removed Fortnite from the iOS app store, with the reason that the in-app purchase option violated the company’s rules.

What Is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a popular video game that today’s kids love to play extensively. It is available on all the mobile devices that can take elements from sandbox-building games and combines the fast-paced actions of a third-person shooter. Battle Royale, Save the world, and Epic games are very famous Fortnite survival action games.

Moreover, this game is not child-friendly. The online chat feature exposes kids to obscene language. Also, random strangers can share mature content with kids. The open online chat works just like the one-to-one chat platform Omegle.

However, to keep kids safe from such age-inappropriate games and apps, parents can use Bit Guardian Parental Control. It is a child monitoring app that blocks all addictive apps. It works as one of the best apps for teenagers, and lets parents limit kids screen addictions.

Why Google Removed The Fortnite From Play Store?

Fortnite is a free game, but gamers buy seasonal passes that unlock its sequence system as well as in-game cosmetic items like different skins that make Epic a ton of money and don’t affect the overall gameplay. Find out what parents need to know more about the Fortnite, for kids safety.

For game developers who pick the Play Store, Google has logical policies. These policies are made in a way that makes it fair to both developers and Google. It also aims to keep the store safe while practicing ethical business policies.

If Fortnite continues having the direct payment option, It will cut Google’s 30% share of in-app purchases. That’s why Google decided to remove the app from the Play store.

What Fortnite Says?

Epic games spokesperson said that Google kept the Fortnite software downloadable outside of Google Play. He also claims that the company faced disadvantages because of scary, constant security pop-ups for downloaded and updated software that Google kept on its platform.

In April, the spokesperson from the Epic games said that due to these reasons, the company suffered a great loss. It also shared a statement condemning Google’s treatment of apps outside of its own app marketplace.

In the case of Apple, all apps come from the App Store. Google does allow apps to be sideloaded outside of Google Play, but the user experience is less joyous and it comes along with warnings about malware.

However, the famous Fortnite is still accessible on Android, just not through Google’s app store. Epic games allow direct download via QR code and the game is also accessible by Samsung’s Galaxy Store on supported devices.

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