Google Introduces Teacher Approved Kids Tab To Curate Child-Friendly Content

Google Introduces Teacher Approved Kids Tab

Seeing the increased screen time during the COVID-19 crisis and to cater to kid-friendly content on Google Play, Google introduced a new Kids tab with teacher-approved apps that support kid’s learning and age-appropriate entertainment.

Furthermore, to curate the best and clean programs for its Play Store, Google has decided to team up with academic specialists across the country. These experts will rate different apps based on factors such as age-appropriateness, quality of experience, improvement, and enjoyment.

This is Google’s way to support parents to decide what is right for their child. With this new update now only a few apps that are sanctioned by teachers and meet Google’s standards will get a “teacher-approved” badge.

Also, each app listing will now onwards include the information about why it was chosen, and a quick scan of its features that help parents decide about its suitability for their kids.

With a blog announcement about this new update, Mindy Brooks, UX director of Google Play Store, wrote, “We decided to launch the Kids tab a bit earlier than planned because parents who have tried it out told us that it’s been helpful, especially now with their kids home from school and spending more time with screens”.

However, we will not be able to see all of our favorite apps in this new Kid Tab, as the process is in the infant stage and the Google Team is trying to add new content and apps as soon as possible. This new feature is currently rolling out in the US only.

But before expanding globally, Google wants to replace the five-year-old Family section and all the apps of it. Google Play Family Library (that lets up to six people share purchases for free) will not have any impact on these new changes.

“We trust teachers to enrich our kids while they’re in school, and we’re grateful they’ve shared their expertise to rate the apps kids use when they’re not in school as well,” Brooks said. Thanking all the teachers that are working closely with Google to list out apps that can help kids progress, learn, and have fun.

All the parents are happy knowing Google’s latest initiative to keep their kids safe while they surf Google Playstore. Replacing family apps with ‘teacher-approved ” apps will help reduce the cases of child’s encounter with indecent apps and improper web content.

Teacher approved Kids tab ensures a child’s safe digital navigation on Google. The search giant will remove the Family section and related badges from its Playstore, replacing it with the latest teacher-approved Kids area.

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