Google Announces Kids Space To Make Tablets More Kid-Friendly

Google Kids Space

Google launches a specially designed program called Google Kids Space. It will have kid-friendly apps, books, and videos on new Lenovo tables arriving in September.

With this announcement the search giant, Google raises the concern about kids’ safety while they use different apps and devices. Mobile applications are the biggest threats to kids’ online safety. Google Kids Space will help parents to keep kids safe online.

What Is Google Kids Space?

Google Kids Space aims at the children under 9 and it guarantees to offer child-friendly apps in upcoming Lenovo and Android tablets. However, it will come with ads.

Currently, Google declines to reveal which companies will advertise their products on this platform. However, it says there will be E-rated apps or banner ads on this program.

What Does Kids’ Space Look Like?

It seems Google is on a mission to provide child-friendly content to kids. A few months back it introduced a teacher approved kids tab for curated content.  And now with this program, it includes a set of kid-friendly apps that children can access anytime with their new tablets. The library of kids’ space includes apps, games, books, and interesting videos.

It contains curated collections of high-quality and trustworthy kid-friendly contents. Along with entertainment, it will help kids learn different age-appropriate things in this library.

The interface of Kids Space is cute and colorful. Children can sort videos by different topics such as- cooking, vehicles, princess stories, homework help, etc. Kids can also create “Avatar” for themselves. These Avatars are captivating activities for kids to customize various famous characters including their outfits and backpacks.

How Kids Space Help Parents?

Kids Space is a follow-up plan for Google’s Family Link. It is a parental control app for all Android devices, which allows parents to create and monitor Google accounts for their kids.

With Kids Space parents can set controls on screen time, select what apps kids can use, remotely lock kids’ devices, and keep checks on their activity. Parents can also use Family Link controls to supervise the use of Kids Space.

Apart from that, the tech-giant confirms that it will not use any data from children’s accounts to target ads. Lenovo and Android tablets also guarantee that they don’t collect any data either.

Reasons To Launch Kids Space

Seeing the increasing cybercrime ratio, Google finds it difficult to provide a safe space for kids. There are many dubious apps and online platforms that are risky for kids.

Moreover, many apps serve adult content to kids under the name of dating or chatting platforms. For Instance, Omegle. Do you think Omegle is safe for kids? Well, the app says it is an online chatting platform, but this notorious app is known for its obscene language and adult content.

The Internet is full of such apps. How can you protect your kids from such unsuitable apps? The most effective way is to use parental control tools. A reliable child monitoring app such as Bit Guardian Parental Control is acknowledged by parents as the best parenting app of 2020.

This kids’ safety app works as a robust Android app blocker and blocks all unsuitable apps. It helps to access only child-friendly content on your kids’ device. It offers effective screen time control features and other real-life safety features too.

Parents can use such child monitoring apps along with Kids Space to ensure overall kids’ safety on the Internet.

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