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10 Best Geofencing Apps for Android Devices

Geofence app

A kid’s wellbeing is every parent’s first concern. With the advancement of technologies we have several kids safety apps that help parents keep their kids safe. Consider Geofencing apps as one of the best preventive measures every parent or guardian should use to track the real-time location of kids.

With Geofencing apps, parents get notifications about kids’ location details. There are several paid and free Geofencing apps in the market. Here we share a curated list of the best geofencing apps for Android and iPhone that parents can consider trying.

How Geofencing Apps Are Useful?

A geofencing app is a parent’s ally in everyday life to know kids whereabouts. Some of the uses of a geofencing app are mentioned below:

  • With Geofencing apps, parents can know when their child entered or left the school premises. This lets parents know that the child is attending his school regularly.
  • Also, it tells you whenever the child enters, leaves your house, his friend’s place or any other areas that you can define with the app.
  • Parents can mark the safe and restricted areas and get instant notifications whenever the kid enters or exits such areas.
  • Apart from these primary functions, this well-designed app also offers a speed limit that tracks a kid’s vehicle speed.

1. Bit Guardian Parental Control App

Bit Guardian Parental Control

It’s consistent performance and accurate location details won first place in our list. Apart from Geofence, it offers screen time control tools, Call block, Panic and SOS, etc.

Bit Guardian Parental Control enables parents to set up Geofence on their child’s device. An alert with the current location is sent to the parent’s device every time a child enters or exits the defined zone.

With this Android Geofencing App, you can set a radius that creates a “safe zone” around the particular area and when your kid leaves or enters that zone, an alert will be sent to the parent’s device.

Note: The Recommended radius is 100 meters minimum for better accuracy results. You can see the kid’s location from the dashboard.

You can also set the speed limit at which your kids are allowed to travel. Same as Geofence, on exceeding the speed limit, you will be immediately notified.

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2. Famisafe

Famisafe Parental Control

Famisafe is another Android Geofence app that offers traditional parental features as well.

Get daily activity reports, Check daily screen time usage, Prevent specific threatening apps or app categories along with the accurate Geofence tool.

Parents can mark geo-fencing zones like “school zone” or “home zone” to find out kids’ locations. Get alerts when kids arrive or leave unsafe or safe zones.

Download: Famisafe App

3. Spyzie

Spyzie App

Another brilliant app that parents use worldwide to track kids’ locations is Spyzie. This iPhone Geofencing app is simple and has user-friendly features.

It is a comprehensive app for parents for protecting their children from predators, cyberbullying and other cybercrimes. It is compatible with both the platforms – iOS and Android. 

SpyZie is a perfect geofencing application which allows parents to access all the messages, contacts, GPS location on a cell-phone.


4. Kaspersky Safe kids

Kaspersky Safe kids

Kaspersky makes parenting easier by offering more advanced features than the standard parental control apps. Parents can block offensive content, manage device and app use, and find out dubious online behavior.

With its accurate Geofencing, it also lets you locate your children on a map and set a safe area for them to stay in touch. This app supports both Android and iOs devices. It also enables parents to monitor a kid’s device’s battery levels so that they stay in touch.

Get real-time notifications to keep your kid’s safe with this geofencing iPhone app.

Download: Kaspersky Safe kids

5. Find My kids

Find My Kids

Find My Kids is a family GPS locator. Parents can trust this app and its detailed location notifications. This child tracking app helps parents track the kid’s location on the map and the history of movements for the day.

The app makes sure your children do not visit any dangerous place. You can always stay assured about your kid’s whereabouts with this app.

Parents can send a loud signal to the child’s device when he doesn’t hear the call or forgets the device in his backpack.

Downlaod: Find My Kids

6. Sygic Family Locator

Sygic Family Locator

Sygic Family Locator gives a broad range of parental control apps for Android and iPhone – one of them is the Family Locator app. This user-friendly application would help parents to have a real-time track on children. 

Know the real-time locations of your family members with this app. You can set multiple Geofences and get an instant alert whenever the target device enters or exits that area.

This is the only app that can allow you to track the past 7 days of location data.

Download: Sygic Family Locator

7. EgiGeoZone Geofence

EgiGeoZone Geofence

Searching for a free Geofencing App for android? Try EgiGeo Zone and you will be amazed by its location accuracy.

This app does not support iPhone but any leading Android device user can use it smoothly. Set geofence and use the app’s map interface or enter latitude /longitude details to define various areas.

Get emails and messages whenever the target device crosses these areas.

Download: EgiGeoZone

8. Life 360: Family Locator

Life 360: Family Locator

With Life360 users can create “circles”-private groups of family members and chat with them for free.

This app supports both the Android and iOS devices and you can view the real-time location of your kids and circled members on a map anytime.

Receive alerts when any circled members arrive or leave particular marked places. It provides a hassle-free Geofence feature to all the family members. You can also check out the location of stolen or lost devices with this app.
Download: Life360 GPS Tracker

9. Geo-Fencing by Plot Projects

Geo-Fencing by Plot Projects

This is a  free geofencing app for Android Devices that is completely used to frame geofences. Users can plot a restricted area and get notified of its movements on their phones.

Set as many location-based restrictions as you want with the app’s map-like interface. Get instant notifications for every check-in and check-out of these marked plots.

The perfect app for teenagers as it tracks every detail of the target device.

Download: Geo-Fencing by Plot Projects

10. KidsGuard


KidsGuard is a brilliant app that offers total control over the kid’s activities. Parents can check all the installed apps in a kid’s device, block inappropriate apps and lock the kid’s phone to limit excessive screen time.

Parents can also check kid’s locations with this comprehensive Geofencing app. Know every minute’s whereabouts of your kids with real-time reports.

Download: KidsGuard App

Use a Geo-fencing app to know your kid’s locations and track their whereabouts through technology. A real-time track on your kids is a must to keep them safe.

Keep your kids guarded with a comprehensive Geofencing app such as Bit Guardian Parental Control. It is trustworthy, accurate and consistent and easy to use.

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