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5 Ways To Be A Gentle Parent

Ways To Be A Gentle Parent

Children are great imitators. So the way parents behave and the parenting style they adapt will always reflect in a kid’s behavior. While talking about different parenting styles, gentle parenting is believed to be the best by child experts.

As a matter of fact, gentle parenting is just a technical term of authoritative parenting style. Both styles exercise very much similar techniques to raise kids.

What Is Gentle Parenting?

Gentle parenting is a way of being. It is a method in which you need to observe and embrace physical, emotional and psychological behavior not only of your children but also of yourself.

Also, it is a child expert’s favorite method that uses parental warmth, nurturing values and constant gentle care to raise kids. Effects of gentle parenting techniques are positive and it reflects in kid’s behavior throughout life.

Do you want to be a gentle parent? Follow these steps and transform your parenting method.

5 Effective Steps To A Gentle Parenting

Gentle Parenting Begins With You

Since Gentle parenting is a mindset, it begins with a parent. Ask these questions to yourself first.

  • Are you emotionally balanced?
  • Do you have a healthy relationship with your partner?
  • Do you have a strong connection with your kids? If not, Are you ready to improve your communication with children?
  • Are you really ready to raise a kid in more gentle ways? Are you sure you can overcome your own frustration and anxieties if gentle ways take time to yield desired results?

If you are ready to work on yourself, keeping in mind these questions, it will be a great baby step towards a gentle parenting approach.

Show Respect With Your Actions

Everyone deserves respect, even your toddlers. Kids often imitate adults. Treat your kids with great respect if you want them to learn how to respect others.

  • Do not force your children to do something that they do not like at all. However, it does not mean you should tolerate their unhealthy eating habits or excessive screen time because that is something they would never like to cut off.
  • Use smart tools such as Bit Guardian Parental Control to limit their device cravings. Instead of punishing him for excessive usage respect his likings and encourage him to limit his screen time.

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  • Instead of yelling at him or disrespecting him for his junk food love, explain the importance of a healthy meal.

Practice Empathy

The little curious minds of kids are exploring the world. So at this age, during this learning process many times they may feel frustrated, demotivated, and lost. Handle this passing by phase with empathy.

  • Listen to their frustrations and be nearby them. Do not get upset because of their silly questions and stupid mistakes.
  • If they struggle in understanding something provides positive parenting solutions. Reassure kids that they are intelligent and quick learners.
  • Acknowledge kids’ expressions. Let them ease out and express their feelings without fearing about your reactions.

Invite Cooperation Instead Of Opposition

Boundaries are necessary for safety and comfort. When you exercise gentle parenting method setting limits should primarily focus more on connection and overall nurturing rather than power controls and punitive consequences.

  • When kids want to try out something new for the first time rather than demotivating or stopping them with tonnes of instructions, just say yes and let them go through its consequences.
  • If he wants to watch TV during study time tell him you also like watching TV. And after finishing the study you both can watch TV with the kid’s favorite snack. This way you will gain a child’s cooperation rather than annoying frustrations between you two that may ruin the atmosphere of the house.

Take It Easy

Being a gentle parent means you have to establish a strong and healthy parent-child bond. Do not expect it to happen overnight. You are dealing with human life and not with any project that will yield after your best presentation.

Results of gentle parenting methods may take time to come out. Changing your own mindset and the way you deal with your child is a major task here. Then comes how the child adapts to it and what are its consequences in his behavior. Be mentally ready for this time-consuming process.

  • Observe the new changes in your child that gradually comes after adopting this new parenting technique.
  • Do not panic if you can not notice any visible changes in a child. Every child takes time to adjust to a new parenting mindset.
  • Meanwhile, you and your child may face a foggy relationship state, but it is just a transformation that is under process!

To sum up, remember that gentle parenting is a mindset characterized by affection, respect, and empathy. Behave your best and your child will reflect the same.

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