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“Garfield At Home”: A Program That Ensures Safe Digital Life For Kids

Garfield at Home - A Program That Ensures Safe Digital Life For Kids

Recently, one of the most famous non-profit firms Cyber Safety And Education raised concern for online child activities and kids’ safety. Additionally, in response it also launched a new Garfield at Home program for kids between 6-11 years of age, to teach them how to be safe online.

What Is The Centre For Cyber Safety And Education?

The Centre For Cyber Safety and Education is a non-profit charitable trust. Creating a positive and safe virtual environment is the foundation stone of its vision.

Moreover, it is committed to make the cyber world a secure place for anyone and everyone. The center works for a huge population around the globe. It is equipped with amazing learning methods, scholarships, research, etc.

Apart from this the organization is also concerned about how the increasing ratio of cybercrime is putting kids in danger. It also has something stored in for the parents. Its learning material helps parents to have open conversations on cyber scams and safety measures with their kids to keep them well aware and protected.

However, a few proactive parents are already ensuring kids’ digital well-being with parental control apps like Bit Guardian Parental Control. This app restricts and protects kids’ digital life.

Understand Garfield At Home Program

This program is designed to educate children on cyber safety. It helps kids in keeping themselves safe and protected in the online world. The program features many tools to teach children cyber safety and internet education.

This new program also includes Garfield’s Cyber Safety adventures in a completely new digital platform. On such platforms children can learn about internet privacy and its protective measures, goods and bads of gaming, cyberbullying and illegal downloading.

Apart from that, the firm encourages parents to learn how to protect kids from cyber scams. The best thing about this program is it uses some amazing techniques such as learning through animated cartoons, education with the help of gaming modules, etc.

Garfield at Home offers different digital badges for different levels of cyber safety knowledge. Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures Coloring Book is the prime example of fun learning along with the adventure comic book.

How Garfield At Home Is Beneficial For Kids?

Garfield at Home helps kids to easily identify cyber threats. It also helps parents to take control of the online safety of their children. Kids can learn cybersecurity with interesting methods such as click books and storybooks. It makes kids aware of online threats and the importance of cybersecurity.

With Garfield at Home, kids can spend time on the Internet without making their parents much worried about the uncertainties of the cyber world. There is no surety when routine school learning will resume due to lockdown measures. In such uncertain times for kids, Garfield at Home is a perfect tool that can manage online learning in a secure and safe environment.

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