For Responsible Surfing, YouTube Launches Bedtime Reminder Feature

YouTube Launches Bedtime Reminder Feature

A few days back, YouTube, the famous video streaming platform, has launched its very own digital well-being feature – bedtime reminders. It helps to log off early at night and reduces screen time.

It seems during the COID-19, protecting young eyes from increased screen time is very essential. In the current situation, people spend more time on various social media platforms, video games, various online sites, etc, which leads to late-night screen addiction. YouTube helps kids to overcome this addiction by launching bedtime reminders.

What Is The Need Of Bedtime Reminders?

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, people are home locked. The current lockdown situation and social distancing has changed our lives a lot. The remote work situation, lack of fixed routine, school closure, and a lot of free time made us all device addicted.

Not only adults but kids also spend hours using various devices. Teenagers and parents enjoy various online games, web series, and captivating videos till late at night. Young kids also stay glued to devices to play games.

According to child experts, using devices excessively can harm our mental and emotional health. Children may suffer from insomnia, disturbed sleep-cycle, poor eye-vision due to long late-night screen sessions.

To limit nighttime screen addiction youtube has launched Bedtime reminders. Apart from that Bit Guardian Parental Control, one of the most trusted child monitoring apps also offers effective screen time control tools. The Bedtime feature of this app is accurate and puts an end to kids’ late-night screen obsession. Parents also use this app to provide safe digital exposure to their kids.

How Can You Use Bedtime Reminders Feature?

The new feature is now available on Android and iPhone devices. And in the coming days, it will be available to all the users. Follow these steps to use this feature on your device.

Go to your YouTube account>tap on the settings> Go to the “Remind me when it’s time for bed” > Turn it on or off > Choose a start and end time for the reminder. Alternatively, you can tap on your Profile Picture > tap on the Time Watched to turn on bedtime reminders.

In case, you want to finish any video before the bedtime reminder, you can select – “Wait until I finish my video to show reminder” while you set it up. The feature allows you to snooze the reminder to turn it off on a temporary basis for 10 minutes.

What Are The Benefits Of Bedtime Reminders?

It is hard to stick to the routine during the lockdown phase. But it is also more important than ever, to set strict limits to manage how much time we should spend on devices. Youtube supports making a productive quarantine schedule for kids. With bedtime features, you can set a reminder at specific times that will remind you to stop watching videos.

It also helps you to go to bed on time. It lets you stop binge-watching and makes sure that you take adequate sleep. You can dismiss or snooze the reminder as per your needs.

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