Experts Answer Parents’ Questions About Coronavirus

Parents’ Questions About Coronavirus

Seeing the deadly effects of the coronavirus pandemic, parental anxieties have increased exponentially. COVID-19 changed our lives massively. Keeping the family safe, taking care of kids, working from home, and handling parental fears require immense inner sources.

However, as we all know knowledge is power. And this article intends to empower you rather than feeling panicked about Coronavirus disease.

Here we share answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from the parents about COVID-19. However, the crisis is changing so rapidly that below mentioned answers and advice may change depending upon the new information UNICEF doctors release from time to time.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About COVID-19

Dr. Ronald Kleinman, Physician-in-Chief, Massachusetts General Hospital for Children addresses these doubts and questions. The Kleinman questions and answers will help relax your anxieties.

Should You Get Your Child Tested For COVID-19, If He Comes Home With A Cold And Has Feverish Symptoms?

As per the UNICEF doctor’s guidelines when a child shows feverish cold and coughing symptoms first parents should treat them as they used to treat kids before the COVID-19 phase.

There are chances that these symptoms may go away in a few days. But in case if they intensify and turn out to be a body flu, you should take serious care of the child. Specifically, if the child has difficulty breathing immediately contact your doctor.

Should We Take A Child Out To Visit Coronavirus Safe Zones?

Child experts have canceled all well-child visits for kids over the age of 2. Booster shots and vaccines can help raise kid’s immunity but parents should strictly avoid taking kids out, even if they are planning to visit coronavirus safe zones.

Social isolation is difficult to handle and it is obvious that we want to go outside just to divert a kid’s mind. Play a few fun and productive games with kids, let them enjoy a few  TV shows, surprisingly this lockdown has increased children’s screen time like never before. You can use the Bit Guardian Parental Control to limit kids’ screen time.

Is There Any Treatment For Coronavirus?

DR. RONALD KLEINMAN says still we haven’t found specific medicines that have been verified to stop the virus from affecting humans or from creating injury once someone is affected.

The supportive medical care for both children and adults who are infected with coronavirus is pretty same. Doctors give fluids and proper medication for fever and any other diseases that might coexist with coronavirus, like the flu, sore throat or pneumonia.

Across the globe, pharmacists, doctors, and experts are trying and testing various medications, vaccines, and support treatments but up till now we do not have any good news.

What Are The Preventive Measures Parents Can Take To Save Kids?

Proper home care and a nutritious healthy diet are very much necessary to keep kids safe during this COVID-19 crisis.

  • Strictly follow social distancing and avoid taking your kids out.
  • Use an alcohol-based sanitizer and keep your face covered with a mask if you and any other family member is going out.
  • If any member is sick, cover his coughs and sneezes with a tissue, throw the tissue away, and then wash hands properly.
  • Do not allow visitors into your home. This includes children and adults.
  • Use cystic fibrosis nutrition guidelines if anyone is suffering from pulmonary dysfunction.

Is There Any Underlying Health Conditions That Can Pose The Highest Risk?

Any risk for critical illness grows significantly over the age of 60 and peaks between the ages of 80 and 90. Any underlying lung condition such as difficulty to breathe, COPD, cystic fibrosis, and bronchiectasis can be a risk factor. 

If your family has any member who is suffering from arthritis, psoriasis or inflammatory bowel disease, any type of cancer, or undergoing organ transplants they are highly vulnerable to becoming seriously ill from COVID-19.

How Do I Work From Home Having Kids Around During The Lockdown?

Working from home with kids around is a difficult situation. You should establish a schedule that can give you a structured day. Prepare your kids to manage a few things by themselves while you are busy with conference calls or important client meetings.

Convey your expectations to kids and set guidelines to keep them busy so you can focus on your office work.

Concluding Notes

Keep your kids socially active during this isolation phase. Facetime regularly with grandparents and keep kids engaged in games and fun activities. Also, taking good care of a child’s psychology and his emotional state during COVID-19 is a must.

Coronavirus and its effects deeply impact a kid’s mental health. Give your kids attention,  love and parental warmth to face this difficult time.

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