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Everything Parents Should Know About Messenger Rooms

Parents Should Know About Messenger Rooms

Recently, Facebook launched its groundbreaking feature for video chatting. ‘Messenger Rooms‘ is the latest digital hangout point for kids. One of the many things lockdown made us learn is that video chatting with friends and relatives can keep us well-connected. Conversations come to life with video chatting.

The new Messenger Rooms functions just like the famous video conferencing app Zoom. We all know that increasing Zoom-Bombing cases made Zoom risky for kids. And Now we have Messenger Rooms to enjoy video calling.

However, child experts claim this new Facebook feature is equally risky. Let’s explore the feature, its functionality, and how it threatens kids’ safety in detail.

Facebook Messenger Rooms: The New Risky Video Chat Option

Back before two months, Facebook announced the launch of its very own video conferencing feature- Messenger Rooms. It lures Zoom users with new fun features and a family video chat facility.

How Does The “Messenger Rooms” Function?

Messenger Rooms is easy to use. This chat room messenger allows up to 50 people for a private video chat session. A meeting host can anytime open any chat and start up the video call. There is no time limit for a video call and a host can anytime add a new member to the chat.

Moreover, all participants have access to fun features. It is one of the best kids’ video chat rooms that offer many exciting and trendy features to spice up the chat.

When a chat room creator broadcasts a room with Facebook Live, the link is shared on Facebook. People outside the room may see what is going on in the room. However, If you have blocked someone on Messenger or Facebook, they can’t join a chat room.

Why Are Messenger Rooms Risky For Kids?

As we know, Facebook’s Messenger Rooms is a video chat platform where users can share a link to connect with more people. Users can apply various room settings to control the video chat session. Participants do not need to download, connect on Messenger, or log in to join the call. Also, privacy seems the biggest issue. 

There are instances where metadata (with whom you chat, at what time, how often, etc)  is collected from such platforms. Further, it can be shared with the third-party platforms.

We all know kids are naive and curious. While Facebook may use community guidelines to keep Messenger Rooms a safe place for kids, children may create a room and forget to lock it. kids may fail to apply proper settings of the room.

Also, participants can directly join the kids’ video chat rooms. They do not need to log in or connect to the Messenger. This is the easy way for any bully or predator to enter the chat session. Many hackers, predators, and pedophiles make friends with kids and use such ways to trap them.

However, these days across the globe, parents are using parental control apps to keep kids safe online. One such reliable kids’ safety app is Bit Guardian Parental Control. Parents can block in-appropriate apps, limit kids’ screen time, and monitor their online activities with this app. It also offers useful real-life safety features.

A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids
  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

Which Are The Fun Elements That Lure Kids To Messenger Rooms?

Kids video chat rooms use exciting features to keep them engaged. With such appealing features, these fun messengers stay trendy among kids and teens.

  • It is easy to drop a link of a Messenger Rooms and be together almost spontaneously in a private chat room.
  • It is free, fun-filled, and doesn’t have any time limits. With up to 50 friends your kid can literally enjoy his virtual party with this platform.
  • You can invite and join the chat room anytime, from anywhere in the world.
  • Those joining the chat rooms from the mobile app can use quirky filters as their background or on their faces.
  • Silly stickers, dancing GIFs, and expressive emojis make chats creative and live.

Allow Messenger Rooms With A Few Safety Measures

Messenger Rooms can be safe chat rooms if kids use a few safety precautions. Using chat rooms is one of the online current trends, every parent should know about. If your kids are using Messenger Rooms, consider these safety points.

  • Nothing Is Private In The Virtual World– Educate your kids that Messenger Rooms is not a place to share sensitive private content. Such kids’ video chat rooms are not encrypted.
  • Lock Your Chat Room– Educate a few privacy settings to your kid. Make sure they lock the room, whenever they organize chat sessions.
  • Online Services Are Free For A Reason– Warn your kids that nothing is free in this world. Be aware that a third party can use some profile information and a few bits of conversation. There is always something in exchange, and that is such free user data/user information, in case of chat rooms.
  • Report And Block Unwanted Person– If a stranger interrupts the chat session, your kid should know how to block and report him.
  • Child-friendly Options–  Such chatting rooms for kids under 13 allow younger kids to video chat with friends, only under parental supervision.


Lockdown is a stressful situation. Let your kids enjoy family video chats with such online video chat rooms. Allow them to expand their conversation threads through Messenger Rooms. Let them say things, sing, or shout it out loud! But everything under your parental supervision.

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