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Cyber Scams: What To Do After You Get Caught Up In One?

Cyber Scams- what should you do

Have you clicked the link on that email which was allegedly from your bank to review your personal details and now all your hard-earned money has been washed away?  Then probably you are caught up in one of the cyber scams.

Do not panic. We will tell you how to smartly get over your loss.

What are Cyber Scams?

With everything becoming digital, it has become very easy for people to fall for online fraud. 

You might think you are too smart and this can’t happen to you. Trust me! It can happen to anyone. Cyber scammers have become very smart these days and there isn’t any prefixed pattern they follow for capturing you in their trap. There are several types of Cyber Scams and they can get hold of you anywhere anytime or by any method possible.

Popular Scamming Methods

  • Online shopping scams- In this type of scam, hackers will show you beautiful dresses or utilities at throwaway prices and then redirect you to their convincing online platforms for buying them. You will never receive these utilities or will receive a bad quality one.
  • Email scams or Phishing- It is the most common type of scams. They will send you emails by posing as a genuine company and claim there is any problem with your bank account or you have won a lottery. Hackers will trick you into giving your personal details for the same. Then hackers will use this personal information to hack your systems or your bank accounts. 
  • Dating scams- Teenagers are most vulnerable to this scam as they are often fooled by sugar-coated talks of the opposite gender. Hackers create fake profiles on dating apps and start trapping their prey into their net. Then they will ask for money in the name of some health emergency or family problem or sometimes threaten them for getting unethical favors from them.
  • Golden Opportunity- Naive people often get trapped in this scam. Hackers approach these people through spam mails. They will convince you into thinking that you are the luckiest person in the world and you have won a large sum or some extraordinary utility like a car, house, etc. Then comes the processing fees before processing your so-called lottery worth millions of dollars. 

What is the way out of Cyber Scams?

It has become very common for people to get into the grip of these hackers. What’s done is done, panicking is not the solution. At this point, you need to prevent any further damage and also take steps for recovery. Here are some quick steps you should follow as soon as you are scammed. 

Cut any link with the scammer 

Do not continue the conversation with the scammer after you realize you are being scammed. 

No, he won’t show sympathy and give your money back. He will only try to get hold of some more. Do not reply to any messages or emails of hackers, block the contact if possible. 


The most important step you should take is to report the scam to the concerned authorities. File an official complaint by following these steps :

  • Take a screenshot of the email or message in which his id is also visible. Get it printed. 
  • Gather bank statements and details of the transaction made.
  • Lodge a complaint with the above documents and details of complete incidence in your nearest police station. 


Inform all your contacts through social media or word of mouth to be cautious about this kind of email. Share the email id or number from which the hacker contacted you. Share your whole incident with them. So, they can stay away from this kind of fraud.


If you are in a credit card or identity or financial scam, contact your bank immediately. Most banks have policies to deal with unauthorized transactions. 

If the scammers have hacked your credit or ATM cards, then immediately send a blocking request to your concerned service provider.

Pay no more

Some scammers are extra smart. They firstly scam you and then approach you through any different server. They would claim that they can recover your money if you pay this sum. People often fall into their trap in the heat of the moment, as they are most vulnerable at that time. 

You should only trust concerned authorities, only they can recover your money. Don’t fall again into the trap of hackers.

Change Credentials

Immediately change the password of your email, bank account, online retailers if involved.

Change the related PIN numbers too. Create a strong unique password containing a sequence of letters, numbers, and symbols that is hard to break. Do not use a single password for more than one account. 


Online predators are everywhere, adults should be more responsible and attentive towards their as well as their child’s online activity. They shouldn’t share their personal details without confirming if the person or the firm is genuine or not to save them from falling into these cyber scams.

For kid’s safety, child monitoring apps are very beneficial. It lets you monitor and control their activity so that you can warn them about potential threats. One of the most reliable app Bit Guardian Parental Control keeps your child safe from various online hazards. Be vigilant enough and don’t hesitate to report if you find anything suspicious. Stay safe people!

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