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8 Cyber Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

Internet safety

They play games and share messages. They take pictures and use social media apps all day. They binge-watch various videos and surf different platforms. They will not leave a cell phone aside even for a moment! They are today’s device-addicted children.

Besides that, kids are so naive and unaware of the increasing cyber scams. And that worries the parents the most. Lousy cybersafety habits of kids are every parent’s concern these days.

In addition to that, there are tonnes of tempting apps and platforms that make it difficult for kids to limit their screen time. And that is where we parents need to take charge of kid’s cybersecurity.

So, here we bring a few internet safety tips for parents that will resolve all the worries about kid’s cybersecurity.

8 Most Effective Internet Safety Tips For Parents

Educate The Importance Of Password

  • As parents, at our age, understanding the value of a password is very obvious to us. But kids are clueless about its importance.
  • And we need to educate them that the password is the digital doorkeeper of every online activity. A safe, strong and hard to forge password is the basic step of cybersecurity.
  • Also, kids should know that their password should be a combination of numbers, upper and lower case letters and special characters.
  • Additionally, kids should form the habit of changing the passwords frequently, avoid using the same or identical passwords on different platforms and they should never share it with anyone to ensure their cyber safety.

Share Your KId’s Digital Life

  • It is so difficult to discipline the children, especially taming the teen kid is the most challenging. But cyber safety for kids can not be compromised.
  • So parents can make it easy by sharing their kid’s online life. You can play his favorite games online, be his social media follower, surf a few educational sites together.
  • By sharing his online life you can take care of his cyber activities. And this way, taking care of his cybersecurity will no longer be the point of arguments in the house.

Download The Parental Control App

  • It is obvious that you can not watch over the kids 24/7. And at times, youngsters also hide their online activities. In such a situation parents feel helpless about cyber safety for kids.
  • On this note, we should also know that the cybersecurity of kids is not rocket science in this tech era! There are a few parental control apps that dedicatedly protect kid’s digital lives.
  • Apart from that, such apps limit the child’s screen time and also offer many effective features.

Here we recommend one such brilliant app-Bit Guardian Parental Control, that offers effective features to ensure cyber safety of kids. With this app now you can monitor a kid’s online life remotely.

A perfect way to safeguard your Digital Kids

  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

Limit Kid’s Device Usage

  • If kids limit their device usage, internet safety for parents will never be a cause of concern.
  • But unfortunately, kids are obsessed with these gadgets and parents need to strategize a few tricks to assure their cybersafety.
  • Parents should set device usage rules, there should be a few corners of the house that do not permit devices, such as dining tables or bedrooms!
  • Celebrate device free weekends or discontinue gadgets during social gatherings. These ways will help limit kid’s gadget use and in a way, it will support the cybersafety of kids.

Teach A Few Descent Online Customs

  • There are a few basic safety guidelines that every user should follow while using the Internet. And Internet safety for parents becomes easy by explaining these tips to the kids.
  • A child should know the dangers of talking-chatting-sharing something to a stranger.
  • Also, you must make them smart enough that they can differentiate between genuine and fake profiles. They should know that showcasing everyday routine, frequent travel routes on social media can threaten their cybersecurity.
  • Don’t miss on educating kids to unfollow all the dubious pages/profiles. Also, tell them not to click on any suspicious links that take the user to the unknown third-party platforms. These hacking tricks can threaten the cyber safety of kids.

Ensure Cyber Safety By Making Kids Aware About Cybercrimes

  • Let your child know that every coin has two sides. The Internet has many bright sides but to achieve cybersecurity, every parent should make kids aware of various online dangers.
  • Your children should know everything about online predators, cyberbullying, phishing, identity theft, hacking, etc 
  • Moreover, when they are aware of possible digital threats, they will automatically develop safe web surfing practices. 
  • Cybersafety for kids can be easy to achieve when the kid becomes its active participant.

Make Them Value The Real Life

  • Before thinking about cyber safety for kids, every parent should at least make their kids wise enough that they can draw a line between the real and virtual life.
  • On top of that, limiting a kid’s screen-life becomes easy when his real life is very engaging and wholesome.
  • To give him a happening life you can engage him in frequent social gatherings, play sports with him, Plan outings on weekends, Sign him up for his favorite hobby classes. 
  • When a child real-life is fulfilling and active enough, he will never crave the virtual world and that way you are ensuring cyber safety for kids!

A Strong Foundation Ensures Cyber Safety For Kids

  • Open communication and a strong foundation of child-parent relationships can win over any odds! So consider this as the best cyber safety tip that will guard your child in all the situations.
  • Furthermore, build a bond of trust and affection with your child so even in case he falls in a trap of any cyber scam, he can share it with you without any fear and hesitation.
  • As a matter of fact, the cybersecurity of the child never bothers a parent who builds such a relationship with his child.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

No doubt, the Internet brings the world at our fingertips! But it has it’s a dark side too! And once a kid posts something online, it never goes away! His digital footprints will always stay on those platforms.

So, teach your child to click with caution. Every click has consequences! He should know his cybersafety is only and only in his hands!

FAQs- Of Cyber Safety

What is cyber safety and security?

Cyber Safety or Internet Safety is also known as E-safety. It is a safety measure a user should use while accessing the Internet. It is the knowledge of personal safety and security on digital platforms that safeguards the user from various possible cybercrimes.

Why cyber safety is important?

Internet safety is very important to protect ourselves from various digital crimes. There are many instances where children, less internet literate people, teenagers, and careless e-user fall in the trap of fishy scams. Cybersafety can safeguard the user from all the possible Internet crimes.

How can I protect my child’s privacy online?

There are many ways to keep your child’s privacy safe on the Internet. Educate your kids about a few basic privacy safety measures. Learn “Privacy Settings” together. Use parental control apps. Know about the COPPA.

How do I keep my child safe on the Internet?

To keep your child safe on online-Use child monitoring apps, be the part of his digital life, make him aware of various cybercrimes. Make his real-life very active and limit his screen life.

What are Internet safety rules?

Internet safety rules are set by parents to safeguard their kids from cybercrimes. A few rules such as-limiting his device time, monitoring his web-affairs, educating him about safe online habits and making him aware of possible threats of the digital world can keep our children safe on the Internet.

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