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COVID-19 Pandemic And E-learning Push: How Parents And Students Are Dealing With It?

COVID-19 Pandemic And E-learning Push

There used to be a time when teachers shout and give notices not to use any electronic devices inside the school premises and now due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the entire education system shifted online. This new form of education has come a long way in just a matter of a few months.

Moreover, the new wave of online education for kids is a technical roller coaster that swings both parents and kids with various Ed-tech platforms. There are many ongoing debates about it and here we will talk about how parents and kids are dealing with it.

What Are The Challenges Of Online Learning?

The concept of remote learning is new and the transition is not easy for parents. In a day or two, they need to master different technologies and online Ed-tools. And then they need to make kids comfortable with the online platforms suggested by school and teachers.

Now, it seems they are all set with this new form of learning but sadly parents are facing a dilemma of increased screen time. Also,  the lockdown phase sees massive upsurge in the usage of mobile Internet, as apart from learning, kids enjoy various online platforms, apps, and games a lot. But now they have to stay online for E-learning; that adds on to their overall screen timings.

How Parents Are Dealing With This New Wave Of Education?

There are many pros and cons of online education. It keeps kids safe during the spread of Coronavirus. Also, it is quick and offers comfort to learn something on your couch or study table. However, it has many downsides too.

The increasing cybercrime ratio is alarming for parents. And when kids stay online for longer hours it automatically invites digital dangers. Apart from that as we already saw, online learning increases kid’s screen time hugely.

Unfortunately, parents need to allow online study hours and all the screen time connected to it. The only option left to reduce screen addiction is to curtail kid’s usage of apps, games, and other online sources of entertainment.

To deal with it, globally, parents are using parental control apps like Bit Guardian Parental Control. It is an excellent child monitoring app that limits, monitors, and protects kids’ virtual lives.

How Kids Are Dealing With E-learning?

At kids’ end the concept of e-learning is easy and very comfortable. They found it fun. Online learning also satisfies kids’ natural attraction towards the screen and web world.

However, what they enjoy the most is the overlapping of study and entertainment. While teachers are taking an online class, they can easily get distracted by social media notifications. Also, there are instances of kids playing games during study hours.

We do not know how schools will look like if they open during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the screen time concerns are legitimate and were there even before COVID-19.

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