COVID-19 And Protecting Young Eyes From Increased Screen Time

COVID-19 And Protecting Young Eyes From Increased Screen Time

Across the globe, many countries are compelled to announce lockdown to mitigate the spread of deadly pandemic COVID-19. Due to this, many kids are home-locked and parenting is becoming difficult.

Moreover, the lockdown phase sees massive upsurge in the usage of mobile Internet and increased screen time. Children have no fixed routine due to school closure and they stay glued to devices all day long. So here are a few basic reminders for parents and guardians to protect the young eyes.

Avoid Boredom, Bad Influence, And Bedrooms

Kids and even we adults are prone to feel lazy while these three toxic trios surround us. Kids are more sensitive and the urge to use devices can multifold while they are bored and comfortably rested in their bedrooms. 

Not to mention that the bad influence of a friend can make him addicted to a particular game or app rather than utilizing the Internet for productive purposes.

Lack Of Strict Screen Time Rules

Another contributing factor to the increased screen time is the lack of clearly set screen time rules. Parents should not be lenient about this. Screen time control can rescue kids from probable cyber scams, physical, and mental health issues.

Moreover, parents can use Bit Guardian Parental Control to limit kids’ screen time. This app helps parents to control kids’ screen addiction with effective features. It also monitors and protects kids’ virtual lives.

Lack Of Engaging Routine

It is very important to keep kids entertained and busy during these lazy lockdown days. In most cases, kids use devices to kill boredom. It is a timepass tool for them. Creating a schedule can keep kids to stay busy and they will not need gadgets anymore.

Also, many kids are stressed due to the fears of COVID-19. They may use various devices to escape reality. Talk to your kids more often and keep them engaged in a routine.

Spend Some Quality Time Together

Set a family time and enjoy it with all family members. It is very important to keep your family happy during these tough times. Kids enjoy it the most when the entire family spends time together.

Additionally, parents should find out fun and productive things to do at home during the quarantine. It will definitely help limit kids’ screen time.

Prioritize Health And Hygiene

Unhealthy food and a lousy lifestyle make kids sit idle. In such a situation kids will automatically choose to use devices over any other activities. Keep them busy with some basic exercises.

Also, focus on kids’ hygiene habits. Make sure they eat healthy and nutritious food. It is anyway important to boost immunity. Engaging kids with some active physical games, and exercise, will help reduce screen time and make them fit.

Protecting young eyes from excessive device usage can also help keep them safe from any probable cyber scams. The Coronavirus already scares and affects kids’ mental health, do not let the excessive screen time add any more to it!

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