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Coronavirus Pandemic Increases Hacking And Other Cyber Scams

Coronavirus Increases Hacking And Other Cyber Scams

It seems hackers want to manipulate our fears of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, cyber safety experts have raised concerns over increasing cyber scams in the last few months.

Across the globe, the lockdown phase sees the massive upsurge in the usage of the mobile Internet. And online predators and hackers are taking advantage of this tough time.

While we are busy avoiding any infection from the real virus, online predators are extremely active to infect our devices with malicious apps, and software. Security experts say that hacking is more frequent these days and using the Coronavirus crisis is the most common ruse.

How Do Hackers Plot Scams?

Seeing a few latest incidents, it seems hackers are now launching dubious apps and news portals. Many suspicious news portals hack your personal details in the guise of a news site that shares Coronavirus related updates. Also, there are malware and dubious links that these con artists insert in devices to hack your data.

Moreover, many online platforms and dating sites have dubious links. When the user taps onto it, he gets connected to suspicious third-party platforms. Apart from that, there are many ways hackers plot cyber scams.

To keep our kids safe in this situation, child experts suggest using a parental control app. Bit Guardian Parental Control is one such child monitoring app that allows only child-friendly apps in kids’ devices.

Why Are Cyber Scams Increasing?

In the last few months, we are all home-locked and using our devices excessively. Parents may use various gadgets to finish their office work as well as for entertainment. But in the case of kids, they use devices for multiple purposes. They play games, use social media apps, surf different online portals, access digital dating websites, spend hours on the device for online studies.

And as a result of all these, they stay online for hours. This makes it a perfect opportunity for hackers and predators to plot scams. To cope up with it one of the most famous non-profit organizations -Cyber Safety And Education has recently launched Garfield At Home program.

Use Online Safety Measures

While we are all trying hard to keep ourselves safe from virus infection, it is also important to use safe online practices to guard our kids and family against any probable digital danger.

Also, it is essential to educate safe online behavior to your kids. Limiting kids’ screen time is also a protective measure. While online study and projects are unavoidable, you can at least cut-down kids’ usage of devices for entertainment purposes.

Moreover, you should create a quarantine schedule for kids to keep them engaged. Child experts suggest parents should keep kids safe both in the real and virtual world in these tough times.

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