The ‘Childhood Trust’ States COVID-19 Pandemic Is Causing PTSD In Kids

Report of ‘Childhood Trust’ that talks about PTSD in kids

The COVID-19 pandemic has created havoc across the globe. On one hand, school closures affect kids’ mental health adversely and on the other, kids are feeling scared and anxious about the contagious disease, news of increasing deaths, isolation, etc. And we all are clueless about kids’ emotional responses to these situations.

However, recently, the London-based group of child experts –the ‘Childhood Trust’ shared a report– Children In Lockdown – on how children are sensitive to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to the pandemic and its effects on lives.

The Outcomes Of The Report: “Children In Lockdown”

The loss of routine, no socialization with friends, home-locked days, etc, causes anxiety in kids. The rising death tolls that they read in their local newspapers also affect their mental health.

According to Dr. Maria Loades, a clinical psychologist from the University of Bath, the lockdown measures can increase the risk of depression and probable anxiety in kids. Sensitive kids are also prone to post-traumatic stress.

Also, the report finds out that parents unknowingly pass out their fear and anxieties to the kids. Kids in low-income families are likely to grow stress where one or both parents are a key worker. In such cases, the tension is not only because of food shortages, poverty, and domestic issues but also because their parents are in high-risk occupations.

Kids report their fears and mental issues with this group. An adolescent girl said every time her mother left the house to go to work she believed, “mommy is going to die, she’s not coming back”.

Moreover, kids try to divert their minds from stress using various devices. They enjoy playing online games with their friends. Teens also use various apps and web platforms for entertainment.

However, if you think your kids’ device usage is increasing excessively, you should use Bit Guardian Parental Control. This app acts as a kids’ digital guardian that restricts and protects kids’ online lives.

What Are The Symptoms Of Stress In Kids?

The symptoms of traumatic stress may resolve within a few days or weeks. Meanwhile, we need to be a gentle parent. Let’s see what are the symptoms of PTSD in children.

Worry, confusion, and sadness are common feelings of all children during these frightening days of COVID-19. Kids also report symptoms such as untimely thoughts and nightmares. Young kids show anxious reactions such as bed-wetting and constant irritation.

Additionally, kids also struggle with concentration issues and show carelessness. The physical manifestations of fear can be seen as headache, stomachache, and trouble sleeping.

However, the experts suggest consulting the professional, if kids show extreme aggression and other severe signs of depression.

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