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Best Phone Tracker Apps Of 2020

Best Phone Tracker Apps of 2020

With the advancement of technology, a lot of tools that offer convenience have come into our life. One such incredible smart tool is a smartphone. This multifunctional device makes our life easy but unrestricted usage of it can put us in danger. Especially when kids use it excessively they are under great danger. With the help of the best free child tracking apps, we can secure our kids easily.

How can you treat your kids’ smartphone addiction with parental control? Well, this article intends to resolve this parental worry once and for all with the best free child tracking apps. We tried and tested a few renowned parenting apps and found these three apps absolutely worthy when it comes to child safety.

Top 3 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

A child tracking app or a cell phone tracker app fundamentally protects kids from any probable digital dangers by tracking his online activities. However, using a phone tracker app without permission may sound like a threat to some people. Many countries also see such apps as spyware and take legal actions when someone uses it.

If your country allows tracking as long as there is transparent communication, your chance of being charged for forbidden behavior is a lot less. When you wish to use a phone tracker app without permission, you need to acquire consent first.

Let’s first have a quick overview of all the three apps that outshined in actual performance tests.


App Name

Main Features



Bit Guardian Parental Control

Child monitoring, screen time control, GPS tracking, Geofencing app

Offers real-time and screen time safety features



Phone tracker, monitoring app

Works as spyware and child monitoring tool also



GPS tracker, child monitoring app

A professional GPS tracker that offers many functionalities

Bit Guardian Parental Control : A Comprehensive Parenting App

One of the best phone tracker apps that ensures your kids’ safety both in real and virtual life. Here are some of the features that rank this app in the first place of best parenting apps of 2020.

  • Get incredible screen time control features such as App Time Limit, and Time Schedule to limit kids’ excessive device usage.
  • App Block, App Install Block, and Kiosk Mode ensure child-friendly apps in kids’ devices. It restricts in-appropriate apps.
  • It is one of the best geofencing apps that lets you set virtual geographic boundaries and speed limits to keep your kids safe.
  • With the Panic and SOS feature, this phone tracker app shares panic alerts with the current location to make sure your kid is safe.
  • Call Blocker is another excellent way to block unwanted numbers, spam calls in kids’ devices.
  • It is easy to use and offers a straightforward interface.

A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Digital Kids
  • Screen Time Control Features 
  • Location Tracking And Geo-Fencing
  • App Block And App Install Block
  • Panic Alert and SOS Button
  • Anti-Theft Feature

mSpy : Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

mSpy doesn’t need any introduction. It is very famous as one of the best phone tracker apps without permission. However, as the name suggests you can use it as spyware also. Know how child monitoring apps are different from stalkerware, before using this app.

  • This phone tracker app tracks a wide range of activities such as chats, browsing histories, call logs, SMS, etc.
  • It enables you to monitor Android and iOS devices without any hassle.
  • You can choose to jailbreak any device with this phone tracking app.
  • Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and all other social media, Viber, call logs, etc can be tracked excellently with this tracker app.
  • An easy to use app that can be used as a phone tracker(use stealth mode operation) to spy someone or as a child tracking app to monitor your kids.

KidsGuard Pro : Best Child Tracking App

Next in our list of best phone tracker apps, without permission is KidsGuardPro. It is an exclusive child tracking app that offers many functionalities. Here are some of its remarkable features.

  • It is a professional GPS location app to track your kids’ devices without them knowing. 
  • It gives the best protection for your kids in the digital atmosphere and can track a device even in a real-time location on the dashboard.
  • It enables you to monitor the history of your children’s location.
  • KidsGuard Pro enables you to monitor your childs ‘phones and its contents such as photos, text messages, browser history, and other data in the media apps.

Let’s Wrap Up!

As they say, prevention is better than cure and monitoring kids’ online activities can effectively prevent them from any probable digital hazards. Pick one of the best free child tracking apps and monitor your kids’ virtual lives without even invading their privacy. Respect their freedom and smartly oversee their activities with these digital guardians.

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