10 Best Family Board Games To Combat Coronavirus Distress

Best Board Game Play with Family

The coronavirus quarantine has marked a deep impact on our day-to-day life. And seeing the increasing cases of COVID-19 affected people, we are not sure how many more months it will take to get things normal. To fight the monotony of spending days in a lockdown situation we can play the best board games with our family.

At this time the most general sources of entertainment and recreations are out of reach and we are left with our family, stuck in the house for months – why don’t we grab the opportunity to turn this sad and tedious time into fun and family time with the best board games? Let’s give this lockdown a playful twist!

Check out the benefits of fun family board games before jumping onto the list of a few most exciting board games.

Why You Should Play Family Board Games With Your Kids?

To Limit The Screen Time

Coronavirus lockdown has increased our screen time like never before. Not even adults but kids also stay glued to their smartphones during these days.

And we all know the adverse effects of such a sedentary lifestyle in our kid’s growth. By playing the best family games you can keep your children engaged and it will limit their screen time too.

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To Enjoy Family Bonding

The list of the best board games that we are going to share with you, is the most exciting way to enjoy family bonding. When you gather around the table to play with your family you may act as a team or you may need to compete with each other.

These games will increase your bonding with other family members. And in the future, these moments will act as engrossing nostalgia that you all will love to cherish again and again!

To Combat Coronavirus Anxieties

Reconnect with your family with these family board games and combat the anxiety of the Corona virus. Keep your kids well-informed about the corona disease. But free their minds from the fear of this disease. These games are a perfect stress-buster that will divert the family’s mind in the wake of this deadly disease.

10 Best Family Games To Cherish Lifetime Family Moments

1. Top This: The Icecream Game

Age Group: Ages 5 to 10

The Ice Cream Game

The first and the best family game is for all perceptive and aesthetic lover parents. This charming and colorful ice cream game is likely to be your favorite.

Top this is the best board game and a visual feast for kids. To play the game each player gets a board and he must spin the spoon to get six toppings to complete the dessert.

All the sweet scalloped napkin cards post additional challenges to make the game more exciting. It is easy, fun and an engaging game to try out with your kids.

2. Count Your Chickens Board Game

    Age Group- Ages-3 to 7

Count Your Chickens Board Game

Want to taste the country charm with your family? Gather around the table for this perfect family game to play. Count your chicken is the right combination of the country charm and the competitive spirit.

We are on board with this game and let’s make you understand the real scenario of chickens in this game. Baby chicks have escaped the coop and Mama Hen wants your help to find them out and get them back home.

To win the game and to bring the chicks back home, players need to unite against different obstacles. This is one of the best family games that can act as a confidence booster and make your kids learn team spirit.

3. The Mousetrap: A Crazy Mouse Game

  Age Group- Ages-5 And Above

Crazy Mouse Game

The mousetrap is the best board game for all. The mechanism and gaming concept is crazy, as they say, it is a game of zany action on a crazy contraption!

In this game, you need to race around the board and meanwhile, you have to steal the cheese wedges. You need to try your best to evade the cause and effects of the insane contraption.

Parents will enjoy seeing their kids’ faces while that little silver marble goes for its first trip on the 3-D board. Don’t miss chasing the green diver leaps on its way to the pool.

Does your child love this game? Well, this means he will grow up to be an engineer or designer!

Are You searching for new family board games? well, next in the list of our best family board games is ‘Guess Who?’

4. Guess Who?

Age Group- Ages-6 And Above

Guess Who

While discussing the best board games, we can’t afford to miss this one. ‘Guess Who’ is an amazing two-player game but you can give it a customized treatment by making clue cards of all the players.

Nominated as best family Board games 2020, ‘Guess Who’ is a mind-tickling game that offers a series of questions to guess the other player’s character. Do you think your kid is a mystery fan? Give a try to this fun family board game.

5. Stone Soup

Age Group- Ages-5 And Above

Stone Soup

What are the best board games? Games that can entertain kids with some learning. This one perfectly matches the term ‘best board game’, here.

This hybrid matching board game is well-illustrated and makes kids understand team efforts. Players need to work together to cook up the soup by matching pairs of veggies and seasoning.

But this has to be done before the fire beneath the kettle goes out. Count it as one of the best family games that may foster in your kids, the love for vegetables.

6. Beat The Parents

Age Group- Ages- 5 And Above

Beat The Parents

“Beat the parents” is perhaps the most fun-filled best game for families to play together. It’s kids vs. the parents in this fight of wits, traps and trivia!

The game is all about the home run for parents who do not want to swim through long instructions and complicated ways. The rules are pretty simple. It’s a just answer and move type of board game. 

7. Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus

Age Group- Ages- 4 And Above

The Pigeon Drive The Bus

One of the best family games on our list is a bit different from previously mentioned games. It reflects the charm of MO Willems’ famous book series. The game is simple yet interesting.

A pesky pigeon wants to drive the bus and you need to stop it anyhow! If the pigeon lands on your spot, start the game once again! Count this one as the best game for family game night.

8. Candyland:

Age Group- Ages-3 And Above


The next in the list of our best family games is Candyland. It’s a sweet, colorful, little game for sweet kids. Older players may remember marzipan-lined memory and new players who have a sweet tooth will love this game.

Get shelter in it’s colorful, popping peppermint forest, licorice lagoon and lollipop palace! How about enjoying this best board game with real candies and cookies at night? This game is a delicious way to enjoy lollies and candies with family after dinner.

9. Eye Found It: A Disney Board Game

Age Group- Ages-5 And Above

Disney Board Game

What happens when the best family games meet the Disney world? The answer is-”Eye found it!” In this six-foot-long board game, you will join Mickey and company, and you will travel from Wonderland to Neverland to find the hidden pictures all over.

Amazing illustration, picturesque puzzles and fun-filled concept make it the best board game you will ever play. Forget the corona virus fear and get lost in the Disney world to enjoy this all-time best family game to play!

10. Ticket To Ride

Age Group- Ages-10 And Above

Ticket To Ride Game

The best board game is the one that thrills you with the adventure. So, are you ready to travel cross- country lands to North America? Give a chance to this award-winning family board game and take your gaming experience to a different level!

Collect and play cards to find routes to North American lands and meanwhile at a point -you are welcome to the uncertain future! Y’aaaiey !! Get your adrenalin peak?

It is compatible with Alexa, which makes it easy to skip the rule book and directly jump to enjoy this best family game ever!

Let’s wind up by suggesting a mature game, in case your teenagers couldn’t have chills and thrills in all these best family games. Play The Game Of Life to find the right balance between fame and fortune through setbacks and challenges.

As its tag line rightly suggests -” life is not fair but it can be funny.” Enjoy these best family board games in the wake of Corona disease to relax and reconnect with family.

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