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Everything You Should Know About Authoritative Parenting Style

Authoritative Parents

What? Parenting styles? Ever thought that raising a child can have parenting manners attached to it? What is authoritative parenting? Do such concepts really exist? Let’s find answers, you never know you might be using one of the parenting methods already!

Every job profile befalls after having basic training or getting minimum degrees required for it. But a parents’ case is completely different.

The funny (and maybe weird) thing about being a parent is, one merits the job title the same moment he holds the yelley-criey baby for the first time in his arms!

And, Bingo! You are a parent now! and accountable for another human life! You will have 24/7 shifts and your responsibilities will be feeding-cleaning-bathing your baby, clothing and making them sleep too!

However, you do not have any prior training to perform all these! There are no preceding practice sessions for parenting.

And that’s the exact point where we need help to understand the developmental psychology of a child and which parenting ways can be the effective synergist to it!

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What Are The Different Kinds Of Parenting Styles?

The kind of relationship you have with your child deeply impacts his overall growth and personality. According to psychologists, your parenting methods define the way a child will perceive the world. They have identified 4 significant parenting styles.

Moreover, Diana Baumrind-a well-known psychologist studied people’s parenting approach. The outcomes of her study establish a close relationship between a parenting method and the child’s behavior, which leads to different outcomes in the child’s life.

 The key factor she considered for the study is parental warmth (responsiveness) and control (demandingness). Baumrind Parenting Topology classifies parenting methods as described below.

Authoritarian Parenting Style

I say you follow – is Authoritarian parenting. The authoritarian method of parenting means high demandingness and low responsiveness.

Additionally, children are expected to follow the rules set by their parents. But they are clueless about the rationale behind those rules. For every question parents will answer-because I say so!

Permissive Parenting Style

It’s a very lenient parenting style with a “kids will be kids” approach. They do not impose rules and regulations on kids. Here, parents expect (Read: wish) kids to regulate themselves.

Additionally, there is very little or maybe no room to set limits. Parents are warm and responsive to their kids. This method is also known as the Indulgent parenting method.

Uninvolved Parenting Style

The uninvolved parenting style is also known as the Negligent Parenting Method. Don’t know, don’t bother approach makes parents hardly aware of their kid’s life. There is very little communication between the parents and their kids.

Apart from these, three methods, we have an authoritative parenting style – a style that yields the most positive results in a child’s growth.

What Is Authoritative Parenting Style?

The definition of an authoritative parenting style is -” A child-centric parenting method, with a combination of warmth and control in an assertive manner”.

Besides that, parents use reasonable restraining tactics along with care and affection. Authoritative parents pick up the best qualities of authoritarian and indulgent parenting.

Moreover, they help develop their kids by enforcing fair rules and regulations. However, they don’t listen to the unreasonable demands of kids. Also, these parents understand the value of two-way communication. 

And “I talk, You listen -You Talk-I Listen”Mantra supports building trust with their child. This is how they encourage their child to talk-share everything with parents.

What Are The Qualities Of Authoritative Parents?

Authoritative Parents Infography

What are the effects of authoritative parenting styles? Which qualities of parents bear such effects?

Authoritative Parents Are Observant And Forgiving

  • Authoritative parents are attentive and observant by nature. They closely observe the kid’s overall behavior and advise them only when they need it the most.
  • Instead of nagging constantly they choose to give constructive comments.
  • When things go wrong, these parents are forgiving and do not punish kids in a controlling manner.

 Authoritative Parents Educate Decent Behaviour

  • These parents educate their kids with fair practices and decent behavior. Also,their emphasis is more on nurturing a well-mannered human. 
  • They also teach high values and ethics to the kids. And such parents don’t miss on making kids understand the consequences of following any unethical ways to get something done.

They Set Reasonable Rules And Regulations

  • Setting fair restrictions with well-defined rules is a key element of the authoritative parenting style.
  • Parents clearly convey what they expect from the child by setting a few rules.
  • However, when kids break the rules parents do not hesitate to punish kids. But we should note here, that while punishing – scolding kid’s parents use a clear but gentle tone. 
  • They never physically or emotionally hurt their child. They never use abusive language or intimidating comments.

Authoritative Parents Balance EQ and IQ of a Child

  • Authoritative parents engage their kids into frequent family gatherings, social commitments, etc and develop a child’s social competence. In the long run, this style helps to maintain a child’s emotional quotient.
  • These parents give moderate challenges to the kids and make them learn problem-solving. 
  • They promote playing sports,mind-training games, etc to build a child’s IQ.

Apart from these key qualities, authoritative parents are nurturing, compassionate and supportive by nature. Want to know the outcome of the authoritative parenting style?

Let’s see how the authoritative parent’s Child looks like?

Outcome Of Authoritative Parenting Style

Authoritative Parenting Outcome

    1. Higher Academic Performance

  • Authoritative parents do not over-push their child to excel in studies and never evoke the fear of getting lower grades and hence having punishments.
  • And a child comes out with his best under the constant care and support of parents, the child shows excellent academic performance.

    2. Higher Self Esteem

  • Authoritative parents teach their children to respect themselves and others.
  • Such kids grow up as self-aware adults who are clear about their own self-worth.

   3. Balanced Life Approach

  • Kids of authoritative parents have decent IQ and EQ qualities. These qualities help him to maintain overall life balance.
  • Such kids learn to balance every aspect and enjoy a harmonious life with ease.

   4. Better Understanding Of Life

  • Higher self-esteem and a balanced life approach help to understand life more clearly.

  5. Healthy Mental State

  • A well-raised child of authoritative parents never feels inferior or overconfident at any stage of life.
  • He works hard with dedication and a healthy mindset.

 6. Better Social Competence

  • One of the best-associated outcomes of the authoritative parenting style is a socially active child.
  • Unlike today’s tech-crazy kids such a child knows the difference between real-life and virtual life.

Authoritative Parenting And Statistics

Dr.Jeff, Dr. Ashok Kumar and a few other child experts had an interesting study on Correlating Parenting Styles with Child Behavior. These doctors specifically explored the relationship between parenting styles and a child’s behavior at their dental visits.

Their sample included 100 children and 20-40-year-old parents with no known medical conditions. Have a look at the authoritative parenting statistics.

Authoritative Parenting Statistics

Clearly, more than 80% of children raised by authoritative parents exhibited positive behavior along with a responsible attitude during the study.

How To Be An Authoritative Parent?

Do you want to know the ways to be an authoritative parent? Let’s get things clear with real-life situations and examples.
Authoritative parenting examples are simple and any parent can learn and use it in daily practices. Here we are giving a few real-life situations and authoritative parenting examples to deal with these conditions.


Authoritative Parent’s Behavior

Key Quality

When Child throws a tantrum

A parent will not listen to the kid’s drama, however, they will divert kid’s attention to other productive things

A clear understanding of the kid’s nature. 

Differentiating a kid’s real needs and his tantrums. 

When he is avoiding his studies

Instead of directly punishing him, parents would find the reasons behind this attitude

Getting a better idea of a kid’s attitude and being ready to know what problems he might be facing

When a kid is being irresponsible and careless about his basic duties 

Parents will not tolerate this behavior. But instead of giving controlled punishments they will educate their child about his behavior’s consequences.

Raising a more responsible human who is well aware of actions and outcomes

When the kid is obsessed with his phone and avoids other chores or routine activities

Parents put an end to the bad habit by using smart tactics such as child monitoring app, device usage rules, etc

“Inductive discipline” helps the child to understand the priorities of work

When teens enjoy speed driving and don’t listen to the parents.

Without yelling or scolding teen,parents can outsmart him by using  parental control app to track his  speed

Disciplining kids with smart tricks maintains the healthy relationship between child and parent


Tip: Authoritative parenting when clubbed with Technology can add flying colors to the overall advancement of your kid. Parental control apps like Bit Guardian Parental Control are a perfect example of such an incredible mix.

Why Is Authoritative Parenting The Most Effective?

Authoritative Parenting Qualities

Why should you use authoritative parenting is a thought to ponder upon. After viewing authoritative parenting effects and it’s key characteristics anyone will undoubtedly agree to know the secret of authoritative parenting and increasing productivity.

  • The values authoritative parents infuse into the child help the child’s overall growth.
  • The best thing exercised by these parents is smart ways to limit or discipline their kids. The method of inductive discipline makes a kid more helpful and empathetic.
  • The nurturing and non-judgemental nature of the authoritative parent develops a kid’s cognitive skills.
  • A constant expression of warmth, acceptance, and care automatically develops a sense of obedience into the child.
  • Authoritative parents never threaten their children. They keep the child’s integrity intact by honoring him even while they are punishing them!

On a concluding note, let’s not forget that every child is different. So are the parents! If a child has his difficulties and problems, even parents face complications and dilemmas.

Also, modern-day parenting is very challenging. But authoritative parents sail the course without the burden and help the child flourish with a lot of love, care, and compassion!

What is your parenting type? Are you ready to inculcate qualities of authoritative parenting?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Authoritative Parenting?

Authoritative parenting is a child-centric parenting method with reasonable restrictions and parental warmth. Parents develop two-way communication with the child and nurture high values and ethics to their kids.

What Are Authoritarian Parenting and Authoritative Parenting?

Authoritative parenting is a child-centric parenting style with moderate constraints and parental warmth. Parents nurture kids with high virtues and support the child’s overall development.

Authoritarian parenting is more about controlling kids and making them well-disciplined. Parents control kids’ life with strict rules and regulations and allow only one -way communication. So kids do not get any right to express themselves.

Is Authoritative Parenting Good?

According to child development experts, authoritative parenting is the best parenting style. Such parents raise kids with great parental warmth and nurturing qualities.

Why Do Parents Choose Authoritarian Parenting?

Although authoritarian parenting is not suitable for a child’s overall growth, a few parents have to choose it to tame their notorious kids with strict rules and regulations.

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