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Children’s Guide To Artificial Intelligence

A quick guide to artificial intelligence for children

Do you know how Artificial Intelligence can help your kid?

In this era of science and technology, everything from shopping to ordering food can be done actively through applications. Artificial Intelligence or AI has become an integral part of our lives. There is hardly anything that cannot be made convenient through it. Although being a digital parent, I am sure you already know this fact but for those who do not know let me clear that AI is the future. Needless to say, to make children grow in this digital world, they need to be AI-ready. 

Curious, how can you use artificial intelligence for kids? Or can kids learn AI? In this small and crisp guide, I will cover everything you need to know about AI. To begin with, let me tell you what is artificial intelligence in simple terms. 

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

To start with this blog, let us see what is artificial intelligence in simple words. 

Artificial Intelligence otherwise known as AI or machine learning is a program of the computer. What makes this technology notable is the fact that to carry out a particular task it uses humanoid reasoning. These tasks may include perception, learning, problem-solving, decision making, thinking, and planning. 

For those who want to know how Artificial Intelligence works in simple terms, AI can be interpreted as an intelligence tool. It uses bulk input data to identify patterns, make predictions and suggest actions. 

You know what is AI, now see why learning it is crucial for children.

AI For Kids | Is Learning AI Necessary For Children?

Do you know what are UNICEF’s thoughts on artificial intelligence for kids?

UNICEF is a nonprofit organization working for children’s welfare. It claimed that AI will be most crucial for children in the near future. It will not only ensure their employment and working ability but also open vast opportunities of learning for them.  

AI is not just science fiction anymore. In reality, it has made its presence in our many day-to-day life activities. Not only adults, but children also start interacting with AI-powered technologies at an early age. From games to customer support chatbots, everything works on AI. For this reason, it is crucial for kids to learn the basics of AI at an early stage. It will develop the fundamental understanding and critical thinking of children. 

Best Age To Start Learning AI

You won’t believe it but it is true that a child as young as 3 years can start learning AI. They do not need to know what is Artificial Intelligence in education. But, you can motivate your young kids to start exploring AI in an easy, fun, and foundational way as early as you want. 

Now, the question is how can your children start learning AI. I know you cannot just hand over the big fat books and tell them to start exploring. To teach AI in a curious and rapid way to these little learners, you need to use some unconventional ways. 

How To Get Started With Artificial Intelligence For Kids

Thanks to the same technology that developed AI, there are many resources available that can help you to teach your kid AI. Moreover, the ways we have covered will be easy, interactive, and playful because we know how your children need to be taught. 

Read on to know the best sources for teaching AI to kids.


What is a better way to learn anything new other than YouTube! At YouTube, your children can learn Artificial Intelligence in the simplest way at absolutely no price. 

Fun Fact- If you search artificial intelligence for kids multiple times on YouTube, after some time you will notice that YouTube’s algorithm has itself started suggesting new relatable and useful videos on AI on the home page. Well, that is a perfect example of Artificial Intelligence assisting you in learning AI.

Experiments with Google

Google, in addition to finding every answer to your curiosity also aces in teaching AI to your children. Experiments with Google, a website developed by Google is a collection of several easy but interesting experiments to help the children learn more about artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning for Kids

Looking for a platform for teaching your children what is artificial intelligence in simple terms?

As the name suggests, Machine Learning For Kids is designed keeping in mind the sensitive little minds. They follow the learning by doing approach.

Artificial Intelligence For Kids

This option is for those who want their kids to learn thoroughly about Artificial Intelligence. This option will be slightly heavy on your pocket but you can stay assured of the authenticity of the knowledge your children will receive.


Do you want to develop your teen’s coding skills? Then, CodinGame is maybe what you are looking for. This option is suitable for your advanced kids and teenagers who already have a knack for technology. CodinGame presents the most challenging problems at your child’s disposal. It not only helps to develop their coding skills and gain knowledge of data science but also helps them make great social connections. The cherry on the top is while playing these games, your little kiddos can also win rewards.

Final Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence For Kids

Artificial Intelligence in today’s world is on the rise and isn’t going anywhere. Thus, it is very important for parents to help their children understand and master it. The resources I mentioned above will make sure that your child develops the necessary skills needed to enhance their career potential as well as overall learning. However, before letting your children use your or their devices to learn AI, do not forget to install Bit Guardian Parental Control. It will ensure that your children are not wandering somewhere they are not supposed to be. Also, they are learning attentively and safely without being disturbed by nuisance online creatures.

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