Hey Alexa, Is Amazon Echo Dot Kids Really Safe?

Amazon Echo Dot Kids is safe or not?

Recently, the multinational Big Tech Amazon made its “child-friendly” speakers available for their customers in the UK. This left us pondering, does Amazon Echo Dot Kids really protect children’s privacy?

It is not like Amazon Echo Dot Kids has just now appeared in the market. It has been here since 2018. However, it reappeared in the limelight when Amazon announced that it is launching the kids’ edition of the Echo Dot in the UK as well. Well, it calls for a celebration privacy concerns. 

In the later part of this blog, I will tell you why “Amazon Echo Dot kid-friendly” is not so kid-friendly. But first, for those who do not know, let’s hear all about the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition.

What Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition has in store for you?

Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker is a very helpful device for keeping in touch with news and enjoying good music. Also, using this smart tool, you can very conveniently manage your smart devices in your homes such as Smart TVs, light bulbs, and video doorbells.

Now, in the child-focused model, Echo Dot has added several amazing features. In the Amazon Echo Dot Kids edition, children can:-

  • Listen to age-appropriate books.
  • Listen to music and that too ad-free.
  • Set alarms. They can also be customized with the cute voices of cartoons.
  • Answer educational queries.
  • Learn etiquettes (These speakers gives rewards for using the word “please”)

What caught my attention is the fact that Amazon has promised that it will tailor its voice responses and content solely towards children. Moreover, Amazon has launched it into two attractive variations, the Tiger or the Panda. Quite a good marketing strategy can be seen here!

Curious, is an echo dot suitable for children?

Hold on! Don’t jump to conclusions yet! It’s time to know about the functionalities of Amazon echo dot for children.

What does the Echo Kids edition do?

The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition has been developed specifically for tender minds. Not only it has a colorful and cute structure, but it also gives parents the ability to control their child’s searches. 

What is the difference between echo dot and echo?

Although both of these editions are powered by Alexa, which means it will respond to your voice command, there are several specific restrictions in the Amazon Echo Dot child edition. 

The child-friendly edition can:-

  • Restrict Voice purchasing.
  • Filter songs with explicit lyrics.
  • Set suitable time limits, especially for night use. 
  • Work as an intercom

Moreover, this speaker is a great tool for developing and learning skills from interesting sources. Your child can learn from Alphablocks, Numberblocks, and other shows or platforms on this device. 

Enough about the introduction. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. I know you are here to know can you put parental control on the echo dot? 

Parental controls in Echo dot kids edition

Have you found yourself asking the question, Can I set parental controls on Echo Dot? 

Let me get you a sigh of relief! 

Apparently, Amazon Echo Dot Kids gives parents the right to take a call on their child’s interactions. Which indicates it has added native parental controls in its smart speaker. 

In this child-focused speaker, parents can read transcripts of everything their little one has ever asked. Additionally, they can also playback the audiobooks and music which their kids played through this device. With Amazon Echo Dot Kids, you can also delete the whole Alexa history if you are worried about Amazon storing your kids’ information. 

Let’s move ahead!

How to set up Echo Dot for Children?

You can set Amazon Echo Dot child account in these simple steps:-

  • Turn on your device.
  • Download and install the Alexa app on your phone.
  • Open the Alexa app, choose More, and then select Add Device.
  • Choose the Amazon Echo option and then go to Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and more.  
  • Complete the setup by following the instructions.

For sure, Amazon has taken the initiative to cater to the needs of children. However, these all seemed like smoke and mirrors as allegedly Amazon Echo Dot Kids is not as safe for kids as it seems. 

Privacy Concerns In Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

Allegedly using Echo Dot Kids’ native parental controls, parents can restrict their children from interacting with bad content. But, they cannot restrict Amazon from using their kids’ private data. 

As per Amazon Echo Kids edition reviews by child monitoring experts, this cute speaker will store, process, and analyze your child’s personal information. The possibility of sharing it with other third parties cannot be ignored. However, Amazon denied these allegations. They claim that they will never share these voice recordings with any third party. 

In 2019, Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint about the same privacy concerns.  A campaign for commercial-free childhood(CCFC) and the Center for digital democracy(CDD) asked to investigate deeply into this issue. However, the petition was discarded alleging that no “real, actual harm” was done through Alexa. 

Concluding Thoughts

The end decision lies in your court. Before popping an Amazon Echo Dot Kids in your online shopping basket, I would suggest you give a thought to your little angels’ privacy. Buy it if you love the cute animal design, or your kids are fans of good music. But, if your kid lacks the proper digital resilience and you are afraid that they might end up revealing any crucial personal data concerning your family, you may want to dodge it.

Whatever you decide, do not forget to install Bit Guardian Parental Control on your kids’ devices. It will ensure that no harmful tool like Echo Dot Kids is coming in the way of the privacy and security of your children. 

Au Revoir!

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