A Guideline For New Age Digital Moms Released

Guideline For New Age Digital Moms

Recently, India’s leading consumer understanding company Ormax Consultants and largest online platform for moms) jointly released a report titled, ‘A Definitive Guide to New Age Digital Moms of India 2020’.

The report sheds light on modern-day motherhood, digital moms, and their approach to childcare. The insights of this report help understand the digital moms and modern-day challenges of child care.

What Is The Basic Purpose Of This Report?

Priya Lobo, CEO of Ormax Compass, stated that this entire study is about delving deep to understand a mother from diverse aspects. Ormax is one of the leading companies that invest in consumer understanding and behavior for over 35 years.

Also, it is necessary to study the young-age mothers and their opinions. Bringing the voices of the mothers to the forefront is very essential to understand digital motherhood and challenges related to it.

Moreover, the role of mothers and motherhood has been changing drastically from the last few years. Moms started using various digital platforms to raise kids. Social media became the source of information and also there are many modern-day confusions related to digital moms.

Additionally, this study focuses on the mother’s mental and emotional well-being and how digital mothers cope up while they experience changes during and after pregnancy. Many authoritative mothers handle motherhood and child care excellently.

Digital Technologies And Modern Motherhood

As per the findings of this report, more than 65% of respondents stated that they prefer watching various online content for entertainment. Moms also depend on various social media sites and education websites to get parenting tips.

Also, there are many online communities of mothers that discuss parenting issues. Modern mummies have their positive circle of influence that keep them motivated.

One such essential parenting tool is Bit Guardian Parental Control. This app helps modern parents to protect kids’ online lives. It acts as a kids’ digital guardian and allows safe online navigation.

What Are The Key Findings Of The Report?

The key findings of this report show how digital moms use various web-platforms. A high percentage of mums use online websites and portals to discuss parenting aspects.

More than 47% of moms read/watch reviews for kids’ clothes & accessories, 42% of moms search for baby care products. 41% of moms took interest in academics related search while 21% of mothers searched something related to extracurricular activities.

Keeping in mind the COVID-19 situation, 81% of moms took an interest in building kids’ immunity. 73% of mothers also check on their nutrition intake.

This report is based on 2100+ online surveys with 270+ hours of consumer communications. It comprises 21+ metros and non-metro cities.

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