A Complete List Of Technological Advancements In 2020

Techological Advancements In 2020

2020 was obviously a rough year for all of us. But having lots of time by ourselves, we have seen some amazing technological advancements which made a real difference in solving important problems. 

With Corona Virus taking a toll on the whole world especially children, the main focus of changemakers was on global health, climate change, and digital safety. As a result, the major changes and advancements were focused on these three sectors which proved to be a real blessing in disguise. 

These advancements were directed to design a world that is free of genetic diseases, where you can control the physical world with your smartphones and where your children are safe offline and online.

Curious to know more?

Here is the list of the most path breaking technological advancements we have seen in 2020:-

Boom of Parental Control Apps

In 2020, Coronavirus led to the global lockdown of nearly 6 months. With that smartphone addiction in kids and teenagers surged more than ever. Using Parental control apps was the most effective way of controlling screen times of children as well as keeping them safe from online predators.

These apps were of course available in the market before 2020. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen some major updates and advancements in these apps. They were redesigned according to the need of the hour, and many new features were added. One of the most sought-after apps during this period was Bit Guardian Parental Control which has many features that kept children safe online as well as offline.

Spatial Computing

What if we can digitize our physical world and control it with our smart devices?
Technology has come a long way and made this dream possible.
Augmented and Virtual reality have already made their place in our daily lives as well as at our workplaces. They helped to a great extent in creating a digital representation of the real world, but with spatial computing, we have moved a step further. Spatial computing is one of the most unique technological advancements that gives us the authority to even track and control the movements of objects in the physical world by just using our smartphones.


Most people whether they are kids or adults are afraid of the painful needles. Topical creams are the alternative but they show less bioavailability. Micro-needles is one such path-breaking technological advancements in 2020 that made pain-free injections and blood testing possible. They are thinner than a sheet of paper and narrower than human hair.
Its most important benefit is, it has made easy testing and treatment possible even in under-served areas. As it does not require any particular training or expensive equipment. You can even do blood tests at home by using them.

Quantum Sensors

Have you ever seen a scanner that can monitor the brain of a human in real-time or a car that can not only self-drive but also avoid accidents by seeing around the corners?

This has made it and much more possible by introducing one of the technological advancements that is quantum sensing. 

You can even predict upcoming earthquakes or volcanic eruptions by using this technology.

Electric Airways

With increasing industrialization and technology, air pollution due to carbon emissions is touching heights. It has led to serious breathing disorders and global warming. Cutting down carbon emissions is the need of the hour. For this purpose, electric propulsion in planes was introduced which not only cut carbon emissions but also slashed fuel costs by approximately 90%. These electric engines in planes are very effective for noise reduction and help in minimizing maintenance by up to 50%.

Diagnosing Through Smartphones

We know that our smartphones can be used for much more things than simply connecting calls and playing games.
But would you believe that it can also be used for alerting us for major diseases like depression, breathing disorders, and Alzheimer’s?
Well! It will soon be possible.
Smartwatches have already proved to be very effective in detecting blood oxygen, and stress levels as well as irregular heartbeats. And similar apps and devices are being worked upon that would detect early signs of major diseases and alert patients.

Solar Refineries

Do you know what is the source of heat for extracting most of the chemicals?
It is fossil fuels. We are aware of how much pollution they produce and also their shortage in the environment. For sure, they are not reliable for future use.
Then what is the alternative?
Thanks to technology, now we can convert waste carbon dioxide into valuable chemicals by using renewable and non-toxic sunlight. The future solar refineries will be able to produce medicines, detergents, fertilizers, and even textiles from waste gas.

Virtual Organs

Until now, the only option available for clinical trials was human organs. There was much risk associated with it. By introducing virtual organs, the initial assessments of drugs and treatments have become quicker, economical, and way safer for risky interventions.

Genome Synthesis

Genetic disorders are full of complications and their diagnosing process is not at all easy.
Science has moved one step forward in curing them by the ability to write our own genome as well as alter it more extensively.
This technology has proved to be very handy for producing vaccines and for knowing the pattern of spreading the virus.

Eco Friendly Cement

The current cement industry accounts for a whopping  8% of global CO2 emissions. And mind it, the increasing industrialization will only give fuel to this figure.

The changemakers are working on lower carbon cement production. 

Wondering how?

  • By tweaking the ingredients involved such as using alternative fuel extracted from waste instead of fossil fuels.
  • Introducing carbon capture and storage facilities.

If everything goes right, it will be a path breaking step in reducing carbon emissions.

Final Thoughts

All these technologies will not change the world in a microsecond. They will obviously take the time and support of our policymakers to implement them fully and change the world for good. 

But with these technologies also comes some risks:-

  • Genome synthesis can lead to weaponization or fatal misuse.
  • If legitimate apps for identifying health disorders are not used in smartphones, limits of accuracy will be questioned and also it can lead to data breaches.

Nowadays, even a child has a smartphone and access to technology. I know you all parents are afraid of the bad effect these technological advancements can do on your child but also don’t want your child to hold back and limit their exposure. 

Bit Guardian Parental Control app will be your savior. It will let your child kindle its creativity and curiosity but will also save him/her from inappropriate content or misconduct. Parental control apps give the authority of allowing the good and blocking the bad to the parents. In that way, parents can be assured of their child’s safety in addition to its entire learning. 

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