6 Amazing Back To School Apps For Parents And Students

6 Back To School Apps For Children

Want to know which are some awesome and useful back to school apps?

Everyone witnessed how a deadly virus shook the whole world and forced everything and everyone to a standstill. Fortunately, things are taking a good turn now. Till now, around one-fourth of citizens of the whole world are fully vaccinated. Everything is slowly moving back to normal. It indirectly implies, after the longest holiday ever, children are also all set to return to school and can finally continue with their actual school life. 

It’s back to school time again! However, no wonder that after this long break, both parents and children are struggling to adjust to their “back to normal lives. To ease your concerns, I have come up with a list of some amazing educational technology tools that can make things quite painless. 

Six Essential and Useful Back To School Apps

Although these applications are called back to school apps, frankly they are useful for any student or parent who is struggling to stay organized. It hardly matters that your kid is taking classes online or in person, anyone can find it hard to manage their school life. Here is the list of some useful back to school apps that can ease things to a great extent.

Bit Guardian Parental Control (One of the best back to school apps)

For the longest time ever, children were confined in the four walls of their homes. They were in front of your eyes which means you were available to keep them safe and secure. However, now that they have to step again into the real world alone, you cannot monitor them manually every second. For your concern, Bit Guardian Parental Control can help you. This amazing back to school app can monitor your child’s footprints and alert you whenever they are in danger. It is a robust GPS tracker which can create a virtual fence around your child and give you a real-time notification whenever your child tries to step out of this boundary. 

What’s more?

Not only in the real world, but with BGPC, you can save your child effectively in the digital world too. It lets you control everything on your child’s phone from apps to browsing history to screen time. 

Price:- Free to download but includes in-app purchases

Available For:- Android, Windows

Download for Android

Lala Lunchbox

Have you heard of a “Virtual Food Library”?

When you download this app on one of the safest phones for kids, it lets them pick their own lunch from a set of food items. Obviously, this process will be virtual. 

What’s the use?

You won’t have to boggle your mind the next time you visit a grocery store to buy items for lunch. Here the catch is you can customize special selections for specific diets like vegan or gluten-free. Moreover, all items here are healthy and curated by dieticians. The cherry on the top is cutesy animations that keep your children hooked. Interesting, isn’t it? 

Price:- Free

Available For:- iPhone

Download for iOS

Here Comes The Bus  

Children may be feeling all warm and fuzzy at the thought of going to school again but for parents, things are different. For guardians, back to school means a new set of responsibilities, the most important is transportation. Here comes the bus is an efficient back to school app that can make things easy for you. This app lets you sit in the driver’s seat as you can track the route of your kid’s school bus. Using this app, you can get a warning five minutes prior whenever the bus is about to reach your home. However, schools also need to club in as this service is only for GPS-enabled school buses.

Price:- Free

Available For:- iPhone, iPad, Android

Download for Android/ Download for iOS

My Homework

Being a notorious child, keeping up with the school assignments was always an issue for me. However, your children cannot give any excuses, thanks to this marvelous app here. My Homework is an incredibly powerful and intuitive tool for tracking your assignments and get due date reminders. Not only this, but your children can also receive special rewards for completing their homework on time. The beautiful layout for both smartphones and tablets makes this app extraordinary.

Price:- Free to download but includes in-app purchases

Available For:- iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows, Mac, Chromebook

Download for Android/ Download for iOS

Cozi Calendar App – (One of the best back to school apps to stay organized)

Staying organized is the first step of this back to the normal period. And, believe me! The Cozi Calendar app can help you to do it effortlessly. This app is a blessing for those parents who don’t want to worry about keeping track of their children’s schedules. Using this back to school app, you can share your itineraries with all your family members. The color-coding for every user makes this app more feasible. Not only this, in this application, you can also make grocery lists, to-do lists, or manage a family journal. 

Price:- Free

Available For:- iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, and Android

Download for Android/ Download for iOS


Bored with the traditional way of taking down notes? 

One of the most productive back to school apps, Evernote can help you. You can take better notes, organize your homework schedule right from this tool. 

What’s the catch?

It makes clumsy group projects very convenient as with this app, it is very easy to capture every member’s best ideas.  

Price:- Free to download but includes in-app purchases

Available For:- iOS, Android

Download for Android/ Download for iOS

Wrapping Up

I hope this curated list of the best back to school apps will be at least slightly useful for you. Back to school is almost back to normal this year. Use these effective tools to stay organized and stress-free. Also, did I miss any useful application here? Feel free to suggest some apps in the comments section which are helping you to make it through this school year.

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