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11 Best Sites To Download Free eBooks For Your Child

11 best sites for free ebooks

Is your little one a voracious reader?
Is their never-ending demand for books burning a hole in your pocket?
Well, have you tried eBooks yet?
We all know that books are not cheap to purchase. Also, it requires so much unnecessary effort to find that particular book that you want in bookstores. This is the reason why the popularity of eBooks has soared in the recent years.

It will not be wrong to say that ebooks are literally the future of reading. Wondering why? Let’s find out!

Why are eBooks better than printed books for the future?

  • Friendly for the environment.
  • Carrying an infinite number of them anywhere on your own phone is possible.  
  • Much cheaper than traditional books.
  • Great for sharing with friends or siblings.
  • Learning of children with learning disabilities or with visual impairment is not hindered as you can’t just read eBooks, you can listen to them too. 
  • Perfect for your mischievous kids as they can’t tear the pages or destroy the eBooks.

You must have been convinced till now to buy online books rather than a paperback.
What if I tell you that you can get your reads without paying any amount? Do not believe me?
Well! Some sites actually offer free ebooks!

I am sure, now you want to know where you can find them. We got your back.

Here is the list of great eBooks sites where you can find free reads for your child

Amazon’s Free Kids E-books

A virtual library of over 3000 free eBooks, Amazon’s Free Kids E-books is specially designed for your bookaholic kid. With its superb frequency to update with new titles and presence of subcategories like Action & Adventure, Animals, Early Learning, Sports & Outdoors, it gives a seamless and unhindered experience to its user. 

Oxford Owl

This award-winning website from Oxford University is perfect to support your child’s online learning. Oxford Owl is an eBook download website that has books for children aged 3-11 years old. The special feature of this website is you can browse the books in it according to age group, reading level, book type, or series. 

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the home of the greatest classic ebooks which are digitized and diligently proofread by thousands of volunteers. It is a hub of over 60,000 free ebooks which you can access anywhere anytime without having to download any applications.

Library of Congress

Is your child into antiques and history? Do you face difficulty in finding such books ?
Library of Congress will be your savior. What if I tell you that here you can also experience a feeling of reading paperback books? Yes, you can buy its retro font choices and full-page scans. You can find plenty of classic children’s books online here.

International Children’s Digital Library

For fulfilling their objective of Unity In Diversity, International Children’s Digital Library offers over 4,000 titles from authors around the world.
That is not all, you can get your free read here in more than 50 languages. It has a collection of outstanding historical and contemporary free eBooks from throughout the world.


The world’s largest site for book recommendations, Goodreads has your back in children’s free reads too. Book lover kids can find plenty of free eBooks in different genres. Kids, as well as teenagers, can find their free read by hopping on to eBook shelves tagged as free online. 


Are you looking for downloading your eBook in a different format?
Then is the best option for you. It offers a wide range of eBooks available for download in EPUB, PDF, AZW, MOBI formats and more.
Get old classics as well as new releases here in a simple search.

Story Line Online

Story Line Online has already managed to build a solid foundation with over 100 million views from children all over the world every day. It is basically a literacy site that aims to help English-language learners in strengthening their comprehension, verbal, and written skills.

Magic Keys

Though Magic Keys doesn’t offer many free options to choose from, you can get your ebooks here in audio formats too for your toddler. They are working to kindle children’s imaginations by combining education and entertainment. You can lay your hands on some original stories too here. 

And this website offers much more than books: kids can enjoy riddles, mazes, coloring book pages and much more.  

Open Library

The Internet Archive Open Library has a massive range of free eBooks which is more than 20,000 for your little ones. Being a part of the non-profit Internet Archive, it is continuously updating its collection of free reads every day.


Read anywhere, anytime is literally the motto of Free e-Books as it offers a variety of classic books online. Also, its interface is so easy, think about a children’s book, type it in the search bar and download it immediately.

Final Thoughts

Here we have presented some of the best options for you to give your little one. Why pay the unnecessary amount when you can get it at no cost? And if you do not find the book you need for free, you can always get a kindle subscription or Scribd. In any case, it will be far more economical and practical than paperback options. Go and explore the site to get your free reads now. 

Pro tip- Do not forget to install Bit Guardian Parental Control in your kid’s phone before giving your kid access to these sites, so that their data remains safe online and they do not fall prey to the scams of online predators. Thank us later!

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