10 Free Things On The Internet Every Child Should Make The Most Of

10 Free Things On The Internet Every Child Should Make The Most Of

Looking for online services that help your kid use their time constructively and at the same time do not put a hole in your pocket?  Read on to know which are the best free things on the internet your kids can lay their hands on. 

The internet is home to many wonderful and at the same time weird things. It is like a magic wand that can ship your groceries right in your kitchen and at the same time let you connect with your friend thousands of miles away. But, are you and your kids really making the most out of the internet? You will be surprised to know that there are many free things on the internet that you might be unaware of. These things can not only save your children from boredom but also make them learn new interesting and fascinating things. Have a look at some cool and awesome things your children can learn online for free. 

10 Awesome and Free Things On The Internet

Convince your children to get off toxic social media and do something useful instead. Here is a list of cool and awesome stuff your kids can do on the internet for free!

Pick up a New Language | One of the best free things on the internet

Fingers crossed, suppose your child gets a chance to explore a different country. Do you want them to face a language barrier there? No, right?

In Duolingo, one can find tons of mini-language lessons in a gaming format. With a little patience, your child can learn up to 19 different languages on this platform. So, the next time they are feeling bored, consider giving Duolingo rather than Candy crush to them to fritter away time.

Improve Reading Habit | Cool and free thing on the internet everyone should take advantage of

On the internet, you can find some amazing sites to download free eBooks for your child. Best websites like Project Gutenberg and Open Library have tons of free eBooks to develop reading habits in your children. And, if you are concerned about managing this bulk of eBooks, then, again, the internet is here for you. With Calibre, you can organize these online books too.

Design Infographics – Learn new stuff on the internet for free

With Canva, your little tech heads can lay their hands on several free things on the internet. They can start with customizing a layout for their insta handle and then jump on designing infographics or posters. It’s time to unleash their inner creativity and invest it in the right and most economical platform. Go to Canva and let them design their own thoughts in the simplest way possible.

Binge-watch documentaries

Is your kid a fan of documentaries?

Note down this lifehack because you may not find it elsewhere. The Documentary Heaven is an online platform that has a variety of online documentaries for a binge-watch. And, mind it! This site is as legit as Netflix or Amazon Prime. Don’t believe me? Find Kubrick on its homepage and you will believe it yourself. 

Learn New Courses

Who said all the free things on the internet are non-educational and risky? Surprisingly, the online world apart from introducing cyber threats also has hundreds of free online courses on platforms like the Internet of things, MIT, Khan Academy, and Coursera. Your kids can learn something from their curriculum or out of curriculum here and use their time in the most constructive way possible.

Connect With A Caring Listener

There are times when children, especially teenagers, need someone other than their parents to listen to them. All they want is to share their deep dark thoughts without revealing their identity. Apart from getting free things on the internet, great websites like Omegle and 7 Cups of Tea provide the option of sharing one’s feelings and thoughts with strangers. The best thing is both listener’s and your identity remain concealed.

Learn Photoshop

Does your child want to pose beside John Snow guarding Castle Black? Use Pixlr without signing up and paying a whopping amount and teach your kids to photoshop themselves anywhere they want. With Pixlr, they can also play some fun games by tweaking their friend’s or sibling’s photos. However, make sure that all this is happening with the consent of all the people involved. In any case, your kid should not engage in any bullying activities.

Be a DIY expert

Your teenagers can join Instructables, a community of DIY enthusiasts, and learn to make even complex things like Photobooth or Chandelier for free. This community houses innovators, curious makers, and teachers who can teach them to make anything in a step-by-step process.

Learn Music

If your kid has a keen interest in music, then Muescore might be what you are looking for. One of the best free things on the internet you can find is this notation software which lets its user play, create, or even print music. Whether it is a guitar, a piano, or a band, your little ones can create music for everything here. 

The other noteworthy option for learning music, especially guitar is Tab and Play. On this platform, one can learn the easiest to most complicated guitar tunes. 

Learn to sync your apps and devices

If you are looking for some cool as well as free things on the internet for kids that will also make their life easier, then IFTTT is your answer. IFTTT can teach your kids ways to sync their apps and devices from different developers. Short for If This Then That, it can make apps do things they cannot do on their own. For example, IFTTT can make Google Assistant create events in your iPhone calendar or turning the lights off when Uber arrives, etc.

Wrapping Up

So here are some amazing online services your kid should not think twice before taking advantage of. However, while cherishing these priceless gifts online, kids can also have some unwanted encounters that can affect their mental and physical health significantly. Your ultimate motive is to keep them safe while they expand their learning, right? In your concern, Bit Guardian Parental Control works as a savior. It can keep your kids under surveillance and at the same time promote their digital development. We suggest, let BGPC do its work while your kids are busy exploring free things on the internet.

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