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Is Your Kid Addicted To Online Friendships?

Did you hear your child talking about online friends or online friendships? If you are a parent who has provided access to smartphones or the internet to your child then you should definitely read this piece of write-up. Children these days are tech-savvy and they spend…
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How To Balance Your Child’s Screen Time In Pandemic?

Does your child feel the need to use its smartphone very often? Then maybe your child is addicted! Screen time in pandemic has witnessed an exponential rise. May it be adults or kids, everyone is hooked to digital gadgets. But it is not anyone’s mistake. With social…
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How Is Your Parent-Child Communication?

What if I ask you how is your parent-child communication and you have no idea what I am talking about? The bond that parents share with their children is very complex. It is full of mixed emotions, feelings, values, love, care, and whatnot. And in this, communication…
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Parents! Do You Know All About Discord?

Have you heard your kid or teen saying something about Discord? New entertainment ways are coming up for kids and adults these days. Discord is one such and the most popular apps among Gen-Z and Millenials as well. All of them are looking for fun and things that can kill…
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Are You Ready To Rate Your Parenting?

Correct Parenting is one of the biggest challenges in today’s fast paced world. It does not matter if you are an experienced parent or a new one or a prospective one, one has to go through all the trials and tribunals to turn out to be the best parents for their…