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Video Games For Kids- Yes Or No?

Would you allow video games for kids? Being a parent, you are bound to say “No” a million times. After all, kids’ demands can go from eating Nutella in the dinner to buying a boat for the swimming pool. Recently, a new discussion is emerging about should parents…
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Which Are The Safest Phones For Kids?

Do you know more than 53 percent of kids own a smartphone before they turn 11?Are you in favor of phones for kids? As kids grow up, they start craving for their independence. They ask for their own room, own bike, and phone. How could we forget the phone? It…
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OnlyFans- What Parents Need To Know

Children love social media platforms and OnlyFans is no different. Although OnlyFans has been in existence since 2016, it gained popularity during the time of pandemic and lockdown. Surprisingly, this platform has gone up from seventeen million users in 2019 to more than 120…

Fitbit For Kids- Is It Really Safe?

Would you let your kids wear Fitbit? Recently, a unique trend is emerging among kids. Surprisingly, for the first time parents are supporting and even appreciating a kid’s trend without thinking about its consequences. Wondering, what is this trend? It is children using…