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Kids And Technology

Impact of Educational Technology Tools on Kid’s with Special Needs

Assistive technology has transformed education for children with disabilities. More and more disabled students are getting empowered due to technology. Who is a Specially-Abled Kid with a Learning Disability? Any child whose body or mental functioning is weak or impaired but…

Google Announces Separate YouTube Site for Kids

Google has come out with the much-awaited news of a separate YouTube site for kids. This news comes as a consequence of an accusation on Google for violating a kid’s privacy policy. If you are familiar with the popular YouTube Kids’ app, then this site will be a browser…

New Apple Update to Avoid Jailbreaking

Apple users were disappointed with the release of iOS 12.4 in July. Along with the necessary bug fixes and feature enhancements, the update opened the gates for jailbreaking into iPhone devices. The security flaw was a big turn off for the iOS users and left their data at…

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