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7 Tips To Boost Mental Health Of Your Child

Most parents are very particular about kid’s timely vaccinations, their school performance, their food intake and their physical well being. But what about their mental health?How many parents have given a serious thought to the mental health of their kids? Sadly…
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GroupMe App- Safety Guide for Parents

Have you heard about the popular messaging application GroupMe? Teens and Social media share a special connection. According to a survey, more than ninety percent of teens have used any social media platform once in their lifetime and fifty one percent visit any social…
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The Ultimate Sharenting Guide for Parents

Do you have any idea what Sharenting is? One thing you all will agree on is that parents are obsessed with their children. They keep talking about their kids, their activities, their nature and it is perfectly normal. It is their love and pride that they want to flaunt to…

Top Controversies Whatsapp Faced Till Now!

Are you an active WhatsApp user? I am sure you are. Because who isn’t. Whatsapp is one such messaging application, which is used by people of any age group as well as nationality. Today, this app has a user base of more than 2 billion in 180 countries. Whether it’s…